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Why The Glitched Attraction Is The NEW BEST FNAF Fan Game

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The Glitched Attraction: My New FAVORITE FNAF Fan Game

Leon Riskin – Where Dreams Die
Leon Riskin – Hibernating Evil
Leon Riskin – Last Breath
Leon Riskin – Sonata for the Fallen
Leon Riskin – Turtle Crusher

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  1. I believe that most models in this game are ripped from help wanted

  2. Tbh i wouldnt be even able to play 5 seconds of the first night, i would be shitting myself.

  3. Did you play the nerfed version? Cause Ennard was pretty harsh before he got nerfed.

  4. In a way i can agree but i also cannot deny the enjoyment i got from actually being able to explore and find things at my own pace

  5. I didn’t realize this was actually a fan game lol. It’s so well done, I almost thought it was the next cannon game

  6. The timers in music man’s eyes in the 6th level is the time limit. If it runs out then he wakes up and kills you. He’s just not a very big threat because you have 15 minutes.

  7. Me am making my own FNaF Fan game actually, but i have only 21 views, am not gonna send gamepage, beacouse it's like ad or something like this, "Propoganda"? Idk

  8. I feel like this fan game made the Afton ending more sense now

  9. sb is my all time favorite. cant wait to see that level added!

  10. White van just pulled up to my house while watching this lol, hope they have free candy

  11. hello plaintrace there is a new fan game on gamejolt made by eleven one of my favourite youtuber its called scp: the endurance could you make a video of this fan game?

  12. I just found a fangame that I think is amazing and want to recommend: "Fazbear Entertainment: Storage". Really good fangame that came out about 4 months ago

  13. >Night 5 involves being chased by a killer, who can only be stopped by wooden pallets, and requires you to fix a generator to win
    Ah, yes, I too like Dead By Daylight

  14. actually the menu music is the fnaf 3 mobile remaster one, hbqoqbqiqgq8quegw

  15. I'm really not sold on The Glitched Attraction being better than something like The Joy of Creation lol

  16. This is honestly one of the most impressive FNaF games I've ever seen!

  17. bold statement bro wtf. the joy of creation is the best

  18. The only real issue i have with this game is the same one I have with other FNAF games, especially 4- Sound based gameplay. Cool in theory, but excludes HOH/Deaf people. Otherwise I only have nitpicks. Great game

  19. i love the fact that the achievement are named after fnaf song

  20. 4:45 I think this a reference to how purple guy died within a springlock suit when he tried to hide from the children's spirits (Which was lead by the puppet)

  21. i am incredibly dissapointed, THIS IS HOW security breach should have been, this is how we wanted a fnaf game where we can move for the first time, maybe not as hard as this but exactly this

  22. We've asked for FNAF in DBD that this game dev chose to put DBD in FNAF on day five

  23. idk man….. I kind of like frenni's night club fan game a bit more

  24. well actually it got a update since it had a demo with only the first level

  25. Great…

    G r e a t…

    G r e a t . . .

  26. The reason why Golden Freddy is in the Fnaf 4 area is because he's Fredbear, and hence a springlock suit (Although in his more iconic Fnaf 1 design)

    And it follows the Fnaf 2 logic of fooling (some) characters with the Freddy head


  28. Welp now w know how dreadbears chest is teared because of the fire

  29. I agree. I also think that Security Breach could have also been styled like Joy of Creation, which I one of my favorite Fnaf fan games ever. Maybe not as dark, since they were trying to make it more “universal” for all ages, but in a similar style. There could be quick 3D moving around, but still in a confined space instead of free roam, and there would be different levels that would get harder. Also, making it scary with the animatronic chasing you with the loud ass thumping metal noises, like in Tjoc: R. Just not the way that they did it in SB. Would make it a lot scarier. I also love how you have to close the curtains for Nightmare Fredbear in this game like you do with Withered Freddy in Tjoc Story Mode. You even play as a child in the first night of Tjoc Story mode, so it could work!

  30. its kinda cool how the achievement names are references to fnaf songs

    Edit: some of them, some of them are references

  31. The Welcome Bot is actually the unused Magician Bot.

  32. My main issue with this game is the later levels. It tends to get very tedious, slowly working on one large task or a whole bunch of identical small ones. I like the first room a lot, with several different, unique puzzles and many different threats.

  33. This reminds me of CoD Zombies Easter eggs lmao

  34. that one kid in school who eats glue says:

    The 5th night is just dead by daylight lol

  35. Who gonna tell this guy that the models are just ripped from FNaF vr…

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