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Why Pizzeria Simulator is the Scariest FNAF Game

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Pizzeria Simulator is a game that is often overlooked when discussing what FNAF game is the scariest. In this video I try to explain my reasoning as to why I believe Pizzeria Simulator features the best horror aspects in the series.

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  1. the most spooky thing about fnaf 6 is getting sued

  2. Hahahaha oh come on guys, I mean don't get me wrong but we all know FNAF 4 is the most frighting of all!

  3. Bro I am so surprised you don’t have so much subscribers. Your videos are so top quality and the content is amazing! Can’t wait for the future for this Channel

  4. guys don't worry, he was just late to April fools

  5. I still can't finish 6 cause of how fucking terrifying it is. 4 was probably the scariest in the beginning, but after night 5 I just go into the flow and was mostly angry when I was jumpscared, cause I knew I screwed up

    HOWEVER, with Pizzeria Sim there is no 100% working strategy, sometimes shit hits the fan and you can't do anything and you don't even know that

  6. I unserstand all your arguments, but I just can't get scared of that Jimmy Neutron Spingtrap design, I always laugh bcz of his peanut head

  7. I just played FNAF for the first time yesterday, I started with Pizza Simulator. That, was a terrible idea. I immediately got jumpscared and jumped. I have watched so many YouTubers play it and rarely get jumpscared, guess it's not the same in person 😭

  8. It might be as well be one of the best, if not the best fnaf game, considering the fact that it’s free and looks better than other installments prior (except jump-scares animations, they are bad here)

  9. please talk about jrs fan game this game is going to be insane

  10. Glad to see how Pizzeria Simulator is getting its love.

  11. FNAF 4 probably because it dark and anxious game with Super Scary Animatronic and you need to hear animatronic

  12. your voice is so high pitched that discord picks it up through my headset with noise suppression on

  13. Lmfao fnaf 2 unfailing strategy? You couldn’t have picked a worse game as an example

  14. Okay for one there is no unfailing strategy in FNaF 2 the RNG with Withered Foxy being able to fuck you over at random, puppet, Toy Bonnie staying there for 5 years unwinding the music box. Second of all how are the other deaths cheap and frustrating but not FFPS? There are some clear cheap and frustrating deaths in FFPS every now and again where you just can't do anything and no I'm not referring to when you have ad's. Also last of all saying FNaF 4 just uses jumpscares as its way to scare you is just not true man. The Ambience, the footsteps you can hear slowly coming toward the door making you wonder where you should go first, Foxy running around and finally squeaking into the closet, the constant noise of the Freddles stressing the player out with what their doing and whether or not the choice they just made was right one, just the breathing in general making you question if your life is on the line this all just adds up to a great horror experience. (Sorry for any bad grammar :D)

  15. i've been addicted to channels like this bruh

  16. I think fnaf 4 is the scariest, but fnaf 6 is still very scary

  17. You can’t make Fnaf 6 scary, you just can’t.

  18. I only don’t like it because it’s so unpredictable, even scarier than fnaf 4 probably

  19. I believe that that FNAF 4 is the scariest game in the series. but i think FNAF 6 EARNS its scares way more than that game, given how everything detrimental to your survival is a direct consequence of YOUR actions. While the jumpscare animations are nothing to write home about, the snappy, quick and startling nature of them will make even the sturdiest player crack. On the surface it doesn't look like much but the office sections are some of the scariest sections in the series for me.

  20. Bro you joined YouTube on my birthday in 2022 and that’s also the day I found it channel so that’s my birthday present 💝

  21. I think the same. If they had just reused Springtrap from FNAF 3 it would’ve also been much better as he is the main attraction here.

  22. 6 is most certainly my favorite for all these reasons, but mostly because of how poetic the character choice is in terms of how they represent the 4 main parts of this series.
    Molten Freddy represents the Machine/Creation with originally innocent motives which have been twisted into something sinister.
    Scraptrap represents the Killer who’s actions started the whole story and is the whole reason why these games happen, as well as the whole reason Henry sets up the trap.
    Scrap Baby represents the Victim who was subjected to William’s influence and was originally innocent, but has now turned to little more than what William was.
    Finally, Lefty represents the Secrets and Tragedy hidden behind the friendly face of Fazbear Entertainment.
    I just love how perfectly the pieces fit together with these 4. Couldn’t have been a better game to wrap the main series up

  23. I think one big reason it’s so scary is because in the other games, you perform an action that triggers the jump scare, like flipping down the monitor, or flipping up the Freddy mask. So you can be ready at any point for a jumpscare.
    But in Pizzeria Sim, you can get jumpscared out of nowhere, and you never know if you’re about to get jumpscared

  24. If I could describe Pizzeria Simulator in one word, it would be 'Anxiety'.
    That's exactly what makes it so scary for me. Not even the animatronics themselves, not the jumpscares, just the ambiance, the silence, the subtle noises, the multi-tasking, it all comes together to make for a truly unbearable experience, in a a good way.

  25. alright you have valid points i agree on and i like ur other vids, u get my sub

  26. i think that it was more anxiety inducing than scary, and is the most anxiety inducing game i've ever played, but not scary.





  28. I think the scariest is actually VR. A lot of it is just conceptually spooky to me, like the atmosphere, seeing glitchtrap in the hub, how certain animatronics move in real time in the levels or the entirety of the DLC. It's not the most frightening tho since the tension never really spikes. The most frightening would probably be 4.

    But then again, this is only the opinion of me who only watches the games and doesn't play them, because I am moreso afraid of how I just know I won't be able to beat any of the games. I suck at videogames, lol.

  29. I think it is likely VR or four for me, but i am very impressed and understand your reasoning, you are fighting an uphill battle and all of your points were well constructed and intellegent.

  30. Finally someone else that thinks the same as me, FNAF 6 was always the scariest for me and this perfectly explains why

  31. I just play it without volume until the audio prompts. Because I’m a blanga. And I’ve gotten all the endings like that.

  32. "You lost the salvage
    (And something is loose in your pizzeria)"

  33. I feel like FNaF 4 has a more narrative terror, really making you feel like a child who's only defence is the doors and a feeble flashlight, whereas Pizzaria Simulator has a more direct terror, as you only know something is nearby either when you die or the character mocking you.

  34. This game was scary and now we got security breach, which has nothing scary about it..

  35. Saturday is pure anxiety in Pizzeria Simulator.

  36. I'm new to learning about the series – what is the first track playing in this video? So many videos use it and it's really good. I've checked several soundtrack videos but must have missed it

  37. I still remember sitting in a dark room at my Dad’s house playing this game for the first time. I had to take a stress break during the night sections, it was so overwhelming for me

  38. I think the concept of FNAF 4 being a scared, crying child in his bedroom fighting off nightmare murder machines that are at least twice his size coming from every angle makes it the scariest and the gameplay just makes it hit harder.

    It's also more relatable than the others because everyone was a kid once and a ton of people are afraid of the dark. It unlocks memories and emotions the player might've had as a young child whether they're aware of it or not. The vast majority of people weren't security guards at some point so that extra layer of fear isn't there.

  39. There's only one reason……..

    poor helpy getting bombarded by lawsuits

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