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Why Gregory Betrayed Cassie In FNAF Ruin DLC ENDING – Security Breach FNAF RUIN DLC EXPLAINED

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In fnaf (five nights at freddys) security breach ruin dlc ending gregory betrays cassie by trapping her in the pizzaplex after she frees the mimic animatronic. Here is a theory why he does that.

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  1. So is the mimic glitch trap? Or William afton.

  2. Fun fact: Do you know that rabbit we always saw when having the bunny mask too long? Well, he was a good guy. He was made by Vanessa and Gregory to stop anyone who tried to break the security. That is why The mimic tries to stop the bunny so you can free him.

  3. Ok so I don't know if people understand this but mimic is glitchtrap, burntrap and in the dlc the one that chases cassie down in the end but still u think its william afton, first to sostain this william is living fnaf ultimate custom night over and over again there is no way he escaped bc if he even tried golden freddy aka Cassidy stops him, second of all mimic was programmed to copy every action he sees and one of the things he sees is william afton killing the five children so that's where he get the idea of killing, third they inserted mimic on the computer help wanted was in testing so when they plugged him in he pues his consciousness in the game and then he creates a virus that controls Vanny, then he turns himself into burntrap and he dies or so we thought and in the dlc he reappears so there's no way that William afton is alive

  4. While Cassie was in the elevator, at one point you can see two lines of dialog on the screen at one time for Gregory hinting that some other creature(The mimic) had cut off Gregory’s signal and caused the elevator to fall.

  5. Wait i think the "gregory" voice was the mimic the whole game- because why would gregory try and disable the glitch rabbit when HE and vanessa was the one who made it? And for the purpose of NOT freeing the mimic: obviously since cassie let it go, it would make sense for gregory to betray her, but last time i checked, gregory escaped the pizzaplex alr. Why would he lead his bestfriend back to there to save him? He was ready gone. Plus gregory probably has acess to intercom through VANESSA. She was a security guard and has acess to them remember? But honestly, it probably wasnt gregory using those itercoms. Like i implied, it may have been the mimic. This is an opinion, i just dont think some 14 yr old would do that to their bestfriend. Gregory was just trying to escape so why would he even be back there. And for people saying vanny kidnapped him, i dont think so. Vanessa and gregory and freddy did escape together. Vanessa is vanny so if she left with gregory why would she kidnap him and bring him back. There is no ending where she kidnapped him. Assuming the bad ending where she showed up to his cardboard box outside, she killed him. But there is no kidnap ending so it wouldnt make sense to put him back there when you could just kill him off. I could be wrong, but i really do think thats NOT gregory. We havent seen gregory the WHOLE RUIN game. If they showed gregory in some point of the game. Then i would actually believe he was there. So i think cassie was being trolled. She was leaded to the pizzaplex by the mimic so the mimic would get freed, and then basically kill her.

  6. Idk If Gregory is bad but in the first place it kind of make sense that Gregory is the antagonist, because he demolished Monty, Chica, Roxxane Wolf but in the alternative ending Gregory was sad when Glamrock Freddy got demolish by Vanny, so it can explains Gregory also has a heart on the animatronic. But there is no way Gregory would betray his friend. Gregory's just a Kid, Ok back in the demolishing Monty & Chica including Roxxane Wolf we all know Gregory also demolish them just too upgrade Glamrock Freddy. I would say Gregory isn't the Antagonist on the DLC Ruin.

  7. It litterally doesnt make sense that gregory would save you. Only too kill you himself? thatd be really dumb. If he could cut off the elevator why not do it before she could get out.

    Although to be fair. Same arguement can be made the bot, why would mimic cut his own way off to escape?

  8. What everyone seems to miss is that there's no way in hell that Gregory is the one talking to Cassie. It's always the mimic bcs she started talking to "Gregory" with the Roxy walkie talkie, which leaves us to the question. Does Gregory even know Cassie's at the Pizzaplex?

    We also can't ignore that back at Security breach Freddy explicitly said that the elevator could be used only one more time and they had used it.

    Conclusion: Gregory doesn't propably know that Cassie is where she is, the mimic is trying to manipulate her into thinking that she was betrayed, and she hasn't talked to Gregory in a good while going from this theory.

  9. I wouldn't be suprised if Cassie became a Vengeful spirit and go after Gregory.

  10. No one is going to talk that the candy robot when he said the story it was like what happened in reality? The mimic was trapped in the basement, he listened to Gregory's voice memorizing it and lured cassi to open the door. That's what exactly happened in the story.

  11. No one
    Literally no one
    My mind: i suppose gregory is Michael afton 🤓
    (I know this isn't true don't attack me😭)

  12. You know how bad those crappy toy walky talkies are and you can barely get a signal? Well how did gregory get a stable signal on top of the pizza plex to down under the pizza plex and Pizza Sim which implies that Gregory was never speaking during the chase scene at all. It was the mimic luring you into the elevator so they could shut off the elevator, to kill Cassie. So, Gregory was never a part of the chase, and you can also tell by how he switches tone. You know those AI sites that go like the pitch is up then it drops down well thats what happened all Throughout Ruin, so it was the Mimic mimicking gregory the entire game and the entire chase scene. Edit: and when you hear "we can't be risked being followed" during "being followed" you hear a deeper and more robot voice in the background saying, "Being Followed.".

  13. I think the mimic cut the elevator but it might be also gregory

  14. In my whole year i still didn't know cassidy is a girl….

  15. Nah my theory is that the mimic lured cassie in the start of the game because grehory left a long time ago and the person who cut the cords were the mimic just saying my theory

  16. First of all the part what we saw that gregory said "we can't risk being followed" you will notices there's 2 subtitles and the speaker changes when the 2 subtitles appear and fact about mimic he has connection to every speaker or walkie talkie or something

  17. Gregorys friend that had access to the cameras is freddy

  18. Do u know that the helpy on the screen and the mimic both says that the bunny has been take care off? Then if u explore u will see glamrock bonnie lying on the floor . If u still dint understand helpy stop the m.x.e.s? Fir a slipt minute while the mimic say he got rid of " the bonnie" which is glamrock bonnie it means bonnie was alive when gregory and freedy leaves with security guard it is the plot and tha TRUTH

  19. Did anyone even know that the tunnels and the elevator are from the baby place fnaf

  20. Afton's souls is still in hell, this is merely an AI copy of his personality and some memories.

  21. Well realistically if the mimic escapes, theee's the military…

  22. i think the mimic also hacked Helpi because it's eyes changes during certain lines

  23. I had a theory where I thought the mimic could be vanni but I don’t think it adds up now, but how does the mimic know what Gregory sounds like? If Gregory never met it, it must be one of the things or people we met so far.

    My other theory is that at the end when “Roxy” says “Cassie?” Is actually Roxy because when Roxy came she said “Cassie! Run!” Not in a question and the mimic shouldn’t of heard her say that, so in conclusion I think at the end it is actually Roxy.

    Edit : I’ve seen people say that the mimic cut the wire to the elevator but what if it was the elevator in the burn trap ending where it can only go up or down once. Since it could have been used and the mimic knew that so that’s why they didn’t use it.

  24. Who was the real Gregory and we know that the fake Gregory was the mimic and Cassie should’ve not listened to the mimic cause he fell for it’s trap, and we would like to know what happened to Gregory

  25. Cassie can just leave the pizza plex and run away from the country or state that the pizza plex is in

  26. I think either gregory was doing it for the greater good, or the mimic tricked her.

  27. Well, it’s not the most emotionally investing betrayal in gaming

    General Shepherd Flashbacks

  28. I would like to say that after watching this video AND reading some of these comments, I am more confused as to which Gregory was the real Gregory, which was the mimic, or if Gregory even truly spoke once throughout the whole DLC and is either dead or hiding far away with Golden Freddy

  29. ahhh i hate this ending i hate the theories i hate this omfg makes no semse

  30. The truth:

    Freddy mentioned (when we went to Burntrap as Gregory) that the elevator can only survive 1 ride, since it's in very poor condition.

    So i think the mimic just wanted to let Cassie believe that Gregory betrayed her, while the elevator crashed bc of it's poor condition.

    Gregory also left long before the "earthquake", so how would he "remotely" let the elevator crash?

  31. What if Gregory actually meant it when he said being followed? Cassidy is the one in the canny mask and had the implant in her mind. If she is to be controlled by glitchtrap at some point or the mimic ai inside the vanni net work. The mimic could potentially hack into Cassie and locate where she was if Gregory actually led her out. He could track her using the vanni ai and potentially get out following Cassie

  32. I don't think it was Gregory who made the elevator fall. I think it was the Mimic because when Gregory is speaking, we hear a weird sound like the line is being interrupted. Also, when "Gregory" says "But we can't risk being followed. I'm sorry," his voice difinitely changes. It sounds more robotic. Like, please tell me i'm not the only one who noticed the change in Gregory's voice.

  33. cassie is good i dont know why gregory betrayed but i know now

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