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Why Fnaf World is the Best Fnaf Game!!!

Puggos Pizzeria
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  1. I love fnaf world because i love to fight baddies and save innocent lives from the forces of evil and use the power of love to go on adventures!

  2. You know that scott did not make the musics for the games,Leon Riskin did

  3. A moment of silence for withered Golden Freddy and nightmare mangle for not being in fnaf world

  4. Most people think that's FNAF world sucks but it's really a good game if you actually sit down and play it

  5. Read my name if you are a certified cool person says:

    Gnat world was always the one fnaf game with the most replay value

  6. Puggo was that thinknoodles fnaf world gameplay?

  7. Puggos Pizzeria: 81% of my subscribers aren’t subscribed

    Me: Um…. ok

  8. Did anybody else see the glitch trap in the thumbnail? And I think my favorite Fnaf world characters are the nightmares.

  9. You should rank the FNaF games on a tier list

  10. Do you love fnaf World now play fnaf World simulation.

  11. I hope fnaf world 2 will exist one day with sl/fnaf 6 characters added, maybe some vr/ar

  12. If you don’t heart my comment puggo it means you hate fnaf world

  13. Dude the title alone makes me thumbs down this vid! You need to put your opinion. Change the title man come on.

  14. FNaF VR is the scariest in VR not flat mode FNaF world is the funniest and FNaF SL is the most confusing/ boring

  15. Fnaf world is the best game
    Ofc you never die of a heart attack

  16. Why is adventure glitchtrap in the thumbnail!?

  17. FNaF World Is Definitely The Best FNaF Game No Joke

  18. me: I like FNAF world
    chica magic rainbow: heya
    me: I hate FNAF world

  19. UCN in my opinion is the best because i played the other games but UCN has option. Sure fnaf 1-5 has had option, but this game has more option. And you can make your own challenges. Theres some things i would change, like maybe funtime freddy. But i also like the fact that there is always an annoyance to, quote unquote, "throw a new contender in the ring."

  20. Me: "reads video name"
    Also me: you sir are doom

  21. It’s ok lol my friend is making a fnaf world fangame with fnaf SL Simulator VR,AR and the book series and even….FANGAMES!!!

  22. Finally! A Positive Review Of This Wonderful Game! Everywhere I Go, All I See Is "Oh FNAF World Is Garbage!" And While I Respect Their Opinion, When All You See Is "Oh It's Bad" It Gets Very Frustrating!

    I Completely Agree With This! FNAF World Is Best Game!

  23. I’ve always said FNaF world is boring and rushed af (my opinion)

  24. I do think that fnaf world is VERY underrated but I don’t think it’s as good as ucn or fnaf vr

  25. I just wish more was added to it otherwise this game is amazing

  26. FNAF World is The Best Five Nights At Freddy’s Ever made! I love it

  27. I actually love FNaF World! I played it before some of the newer games came out. I really like the game, it was my first FNaF game.

  28. this is my opinion btw!
    I think the books are better than the games (not including fnaf vr)

  29. FNaF world is good but FNaF Vr is better in my opinion

  30. I like fnaf world but it’s not the best

  31. Chuck or dina asser or DA or whatever says:

    Yeah, easily the best F.N.A.F game IMO one of my favorite games of all time!

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