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Why do people think fnaf is a kids game???

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  1. Ye but here's the thing, those things aren't shown in the real game tho so none of the kids who are playing won't see this.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What’s happening on the phone calls on night 4 5 and 7

  4. I am a kid and fnaf makes fun and i Dort care that its scary and that animatronics a life and that purple kill childern

  5. Iam 10 years old and I'm watching this 🙂

  6. “Its not for kids”
    Bro that’s my childhood 😢
    Not as much as creepypasta tho

  7. This video is 100% happy and there is no violence

  8. When Scott’s kids played tested ucn one of them said you need to nerf Bonnie and Scott said to his son get good

  9. Bro litter if a kid seen this they will have night mares bro they will cry

  10. Y’all Scott himself states that security breach is not a game he was happy with because of steel wool wanting it to be marketable to children
    He also has said HIMSELF that fnaf should not be available to children due to the extreme nature of the content displayed
    He himself has commended the fanmade tapes for being accurate/canon to the fnaf universe
    Scott has posted about the extreme night terrors he’s had of Bonnie

    So in conclusion Scott’s games were not intended for children but steel wool wanted it to be profitable for children which is why there is so much cut content
    One of the things I was looking forward to the most was the Monty battle due to the fact that the line “you will do as I say If not then you. Both of you burn!” Was supposed to be used there

    But check this out ever since Scott started working with steel wool his games have come out late, had bugs and glitches, and usually can’t be scary
    And Scott has a history of releasing his games on time or even early with little to no bugs or glitches and still had the potential to be scary with a storyline

  11. If only Scott made his games a bit more scary

  12. It is ive been alive longer than fnaf has been a thing

  13. This is Fanmade content we only count official stuff

  14. I’m I pretty sure that’s a kids game

  15. fnaf its not kids game

    its fnaf teens game maybe?

  16. I each fnaf and that dose not scare me I'm 9

  17. Plot twist: "I was talking about FNAF world-"

  18. "it's not just a kid game, it's our childhood"

    -people on yt once says

  19. all nightmares have meanings
    My nightmares: Running through FNAF games

  20. None of these are made by Scott 💀

  21. I'm 10 years and I watch fnaf when I 6 and I'm not scare but funny

  22. Nah mate this still seem like this game is for kids.

  23. Thanks for keeping me up at night (I heard a noise in the living room at 3:00)

  24. I played fnaf 2 when I was 5 and I got scared from the jumpscares but got addicted playing it I even spent my parents money on the fnaf games that were for money

  25. ok to be clear ik i didn't show it but i hope all see this i meant the lore i showed fan made clips because they reflect the lore of the game and trust me i do know it wasnt obvious

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