WHY DO I LISTEN TO YOU GUYS??? | Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Jumpscares (FNAF 3) - jetgame.pl

WHY DO I LISTEN TO YOU GUYS??? | Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Jumpscares (FNAF 3)

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FNAF 3 has jumpscares where you don’t die!! GREAT!! Love EXTRA jumpscares!!!!!
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  1. I am unable to make my YouTube videos because I'm having a flue and a headache. Only Thinknoodles is the one who can make me feel better 🤧🤭😁

  2. 5:18 rip headphone users
    5:30 lol think mocking the phone call guy for like a whole minute is the best. his face and reaction cracks me up

  3. In night 2 spring trap did not scare think did Lol 😂

  4. If you see a phantom aminitronic like balloon boy quickly go to the other camera

  5. I play this a month and I beat night 4 and the other device i play this long ago i beat night for and when you play another voice on the camera and trap springtrap in there puppet phantom balloon boy

  6. Here's the thing springtrap can lure the other device on canine so use it wisely cause you need to order it that other device after reboot it

  7. If you keep springtrap on cam 9 puppet will jump scare you have to take a long time to order to pop it go away also have to keep away balloon love to exit again when balloon boy is kim 9 is the only one can vent on springtrap but you can trap him but only close event on timeline and all the device on can not cause that will balloon boy or track him and make sure go exit from the camp also but is going to be a hard one can't

  8. Download device can other device your movement of your sound to your screenshot on camera or everything came

  9. And camera device camera device on screen of your camera if you don't reboot the camera system if you don't you will die instantly but you have to keep on springtrap for the window

  10. Okay the ventilation the best television is your air system when the ventilation goes down after reboot it or else you're going to die from the blurry

  11. Other device can learn springtrap from any camps though use it wisely

  12. And also reboot everything also keep an eye of the animatronics and the phantoms

  13. What if there is another 1987 thing in Fnaf 2 with golden Freddy

  14. Why do the phantoms help springtrap kill the nightguard?

  15. 8:26 bro spring trap was right there.springtrap: wth he didnt even notice me

  16. To survive spring trap you must only look at him at all times

  17. Yay The Original Phone Guy! Wait Didn't He Get Eaten By Freddy

  18. 😂you so funny I have to g
    to the hospital 🏥

  19. Got my phone and iPad to watch you every video

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