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Which Roblox FNAF Game Has The BEST Glamrock Bonnie?!

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Which Roblox FNAF Game Has The BEST Glamrock Bonnie?!

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  1. The game that takes the prize is my favorite fnaf game TPRR. The animatronics are so well made.

  2. I pick TPRR it doesn't have the best design but all the stuff that you can pick also a shattered one so TPRR

  3. You missed find the fnaf scirity breech morphs

  4. Still would probably say Animatronic World, because of the accuracy to Glamrock Bonnie and not just some fanmade interpretation design of Glamrock Bonnie.

  5. For some reason roblox always logs me out of the game when i try to play TPRR 🙁

  6. Game number 2 because I like the way it runs

  7. The reason why game number 4's bonnie has holes in the side of his head is because it's glamrock freddys head

  8. TPRR widget bodies what's the best10/100000000000000000000

  9. TPRR obviously because it's everything (apart from being the cannon version)

  10. The reason why Bonnie has glasses in the first place is because it's believed Monty stole the glasses after he shattered Bonnie.

  11. I think animatronic world was the best
    Boi i like that game

  12. Animatronic world cuz it was the most accurate I hate every single other Bonnie model

  13. I wish i can play tprr but its always laggy for me so im stuck playing animatronic world

  14. tprr Bonnie is the best it has a lot of Animation even it has shattered gk Bonnie 😀

  15. SW dosen’t really count because that’s not really glamrock bonnie It’s just named

  16. This guy cant pick a favorite because he's a kids youtuber.

  17. Animatronic world and five nights at Freddy’s remastered are the best Glamrock Bonnie models ❤❤❤

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