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Which FNAF Game is The Safest In The Series? #fnaf #shorts

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Script: If you had to pick one FNAF Game to be stuck in, what game would that be. Well the answers are obvious. And that is security breach. Here me out. In all of the fnaf games the worst one would have to be fnaf 4. Because not only are you facing nightmare version of are beloved animatronics but your stuck in a 4×4 room with nowhere to go. With security breach not only do you have a whole mall run around and hide but the animatronics chasing you are one of the most not threationg looking animatronics in all of fnaf. At least in my opinion. Plus i might get luck and glitch my way through the wall to get away. What do you guys think

Hope you enjoyed the vid.

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  1. I choose fanf 3 now hear me out if springtrap comes into the room I will just pore water at him

  2. Get in Freddy’s stomach and stay in the charging station

  3. Either fnaf 3 since there are no real animatronics beside Springtrap, or fnaf world.


  5. Think smarter then the room just hide under the bed🤯

  6. That’s why they turn into the shattered animatronics to look more scary and in ruin they look well even more ruined than before to look more scarier

  7. sister location for animatrionics trying to go inside you left the chat

  8. wait but the animatronics in fnaf 4 aren’t real, so aslong as I don’t go to the party I should be chill.

  9. No just go to world and you can just live a ordiany life

  10. nuh uh ultimate custom night
    just put 0 animatronics or like 20 phone guys

  11. fnaf sb becuase if i see chica and roxy their the ones who will be running (this is a joke i would just hide in a photo booth and sleep)

  12. 𝐅𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐚𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐲𝐬 𝟐

  13. Sb and sbr cuz eclipse and sun so I'd jus chill in the daycareee

  14. fnaf 2 for sure, just put on the mask, wind the music box and flash foxy all at the same time

  15. i would go to 5 i just sit in the elevator and have a phone with charges,i just watch youtube or smnt idk,cuz thos baby animatronics i kick em and there dead but if F.Freddy comes ima pretend im dead,he will leave me prob

  16. Agreed, security breach, I can hang with my bud sun the entire time:D then just be asleep and/or pretend to be asleep when Moondrop come out, I'm a master at sleep pretending

  17. nope i wanted to be stuck in fnaf 1
    i'm a classy one and it's my favorate game

  18. I would pick Fnaf movie (even if it isnt a game)

    just befriend the animatronics, its shown in the movie that abby and mike easily befriended them and if william afton appears ill just bring a glock and turn my fellow animatronics against him

    easy peezy.

  19. Fnaf 1. Hide in the bathroom stalls
    Fnaf 2. Hide behind the prize counter
    Fnaf 3. Just leave. The exit is right by your office
    Fnaf 4. Sleep.
    Fnaf 5. Don't leave the elevator

  20. Never let them know your next move:

    Fnaf world

  21. Dude, I will literally stay at Fnaf world easy

  22. Fnaf 4 because they just try to scare you not kill you or fnaf world because it’s my favourite or Freddy in space

  23. I will pick se too because i will just stay in FREDDY’s room 😁

  24. I would go to the sister location which would be absolutely terrifying or security breach

  25. FNAF VR Becuse You Could Just Stay In The Menu Screen With Inf Food From The Store Area

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