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Where is Glamrock Bonnie? in Five Nights at Freddy’s, Security Breach

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Glamrock Bonnie in Five nights at Freddy’s Security Breach,

Glamrock Bonnie Mod by: EnderBuilder

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  1. Watching this after the ruin dlc is quite hilarious because we did find out where Bonny went. He’s just behind Bonny bowl and watching everything through the floor bots.

  2. I just like how he made the gun look like a real gun its cool

  3. Well I'm sure he would be an enemy if Monty didn't kill him so his master's master (Vamny and Glitchtrap/Mimic/whoever lives in the basement) can have a body

  4. I'd rather bonnie over monty and have monty on it's own section but I guess ok

  5. It's just a remodel, it's actually Monty, but it looks good

  6. personally, I think the mimic destroyed bonnie because the exact imprint that goes through bonnie's chest looks exactly like the mimic's claws

  7. I wish in the ruin dlc we had a part where we have to fix Bonnie

  8. Bonnie wouldn't try to kill you like the others I feel he'd be like Freddy

  9. Tbh i think they just rushed this game they dont give any detail to the instructions the game is a buggy mess and worse of all the cutscenes are horrible and fnaf is a kids game and they made it even less scary with the bright colors

  10. Can u do foxy for Roxy in the dlc I wish we saw Home foxy

  11. It's A Mod Bc Glamrock Bonnie's Jumpscare Is The Same As Monty's Jumpscare

  12. We need bond and security break because it would complete the sense upgrades that we add to to Freddie cause think about it, Monty is touch, Roxy is sight Chico is taste.Bonnie would be hearing

  13. Why does not wanna pay tension to foxy

  14. It was Monty:( in the new dlc the Bonnie bowling was opened by a hole in the wall (theory) they were talking abt something Monty hit Bonnie he fell of the catwalks that’s why he looks like Monty when he fell off like his torso than he removed his limbs moved him to Bonnie’s bowling cracked a bowling ball over him and made it look like a bowling ball hit him☹️💔

  15. Did you know Monty has a dark secret
    The dark secret is you know how Monty got his star glasses well he got them from glam rock Bonnie but he killed him to get the glasses
    The way he killed him is by hitting him on the head with a bowling ball
    So he can get up on stage
    Hope this helps 😀

  16. But I'm also so confused what happend to him I need to know

  17. I love how he has a gun instead of a fazerblast blaster😂😂

  18. But the Fazer blast with a gun texture is perfection 💀

  19. Imagine if foxy was here he would be very hard for gregory

  20. bonnie

    Me:what about foxy?…..

  21. bonnie abt to kill me
    Me:” Sup bonnie, ‘bout to ruin your stupid face again grabs mini-gun

  22. bonnie is in fnaf security breach ruin

  23. Every one wanting Bonnie back : me WHERES FOXY

  24. But bonie is in fnaf security breach ruin

  25. well bonnie is cool but monty is cool to i cant deside wich one is better

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