What your favorite FNAF Animatronic says about you 🤪 #fnaf - jetgame.pl

What your favorite FNAF Animatronic says about you 🤪 #fnaf

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  1. I love glam rock Chica but I don’t have a bad diet.. I ate salad for two days straight:(

  2. Me waiting for sun and moon and realizes it's not there…😶

  3. Im into som freaky stuff and im trolling you😍

  4. Glam rock chica is right I do love McDonald’s😂

  5. Literally my favs are marionette and ennard

  6. Withered Bonnie is the definition on Steven universe

  7. Yay i have daddy and mommy issues😍(and ive seen horrible things)

  8. Bruh ain’t no way. Well , Atleast I got drip

  9. It's true I like spring trap and my dad is CRAZY

  10. I'm into some freky stuff and iv seen horrible things

  11. What is the best😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. It’s glam rock chika and you are right 😂😢

  13. waiting for it to say glam rock Freddy
    you are a real one
    Hell ya

  14. My fave animatronic not being mentioned it's nightmare

  15. Yes, I have seen horrible. things and so I guess I have Mommy’s issues????

  16. Horrible things, huh? AH, YOU DON'T SAY!😊

  17. Dang I got daddy and mommy issues 💀💀💀

  18. "hmmm immense trauma that's true but mommy issues I ain't got em " WHERE'S LOLBIT

  19. I have seen horrible things and I love them 😀😃

  20. Freddy i love the classics bonnie you got drip but got trauma

  21. Mine nightmares sister location and spring trap

  22. I have mommy issue but I don't have my mom

  23. "You've seen horrible things" "you have a horrible diet"
    couldn't have been even more true but it ain't my problem I have stomach problems 😭😭😭

  24. Bro sun likes to clean and his other half is emotional- MY GOSH THATS WHY ITS MY FAVORITE!

  25. I think I might like en a little to much…-

  26. Him: you've seen horrible things

  27. "your diet sucks"
    actually, it is quite healthy, fries are potatoes and so are chips.

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