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What Year Does Each Fnaf Take Place? #fnaf #fnafsecuritybreach #fivenightsatfreddys

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  1. How does fanf 2 5 years before fnaf 1 if there are withered fnaf 1 animatronics

  2. If fnaf 2 is 1987 and fnaf 1 is 1993 then explain why phone guy says something about the animatronics in the parts in service are from the old location I believe u got all of em correct except fnaf 2

  3. FNAF 1 takes places 2014. The restaurant was founded in 1993 and Phone Guy says they haven't got a bath and had to sing those Stupid Songs Everyday For 20 Years

  4. Why do people think fnaf 1 took place in 1993 and why does fnaf 3 take place in 2023 it doesn’t it would make more sense if it was 2015 as that’s when the game was made he wouldn’t make a game set in the future at that time

  5. In the lyrics I throught I heard them say
    "Touch me minors" 💀💀

  6. when u realised scot said the fnaf movie was his last project:

  7. To think Springtrap was trying to kill Michael this year

  8. How can fnaf 1 take place in 1993 when the animatronics are in fnaf 2 and are called withered versions.

  9. wait wasnt fnaf 2 the reopening of the pizzeria so isnt fnaf 1 and 2 switched

  10. Fnaf 2 take place in 1987 and fnaf 1 took place in 1993 how come the anamatronics are withered

  11. how does fnaf 4 take place before fnaf 3

  12. I thought security breach was in 2040 or longer and ruin was longer than 2040

  13. For people who believe fnaf 1 was the first and fnaf 2 was next,

    I get that fnaf 2 was obviously the second game but here’s some proof it happend before.

    Phone guy could explain all of this, so first on one of the ending nights at fnaf 1 phone guy dies from the animatronics right?

    But in fnaf 2 he is still alive, so this is proof that fnaf 1 was after fnaf 2.

  14. My theory: FNAF 3 takes place in 2023 which means the security breach version takes place on the same year as fnaf 3 so I think burntrap is not William afton the entire time it was mixed with a burned corpse and some random damaged rabbit suit but you guys will be yapping about the purple light it doesn't really matter

  15. Gregory still poops his pants??? He is too old for that he should be wearing diapers

  16. nah mike aint 15 working nights at a dangerous ducking job

  17. It means Gregory take place with the guy on fnaf 3😮

  18. Fnaf 1 is most likely 1983 because the fnaf 2 restaurant was a reopening of the fnaf 1 restaurant

  19. FNAF Sister Location can't take place in 1987 because that would mean Michael Afton got scooped before FNAF 1. The night guard in FNAF 1 is Michael Afton. FNAF Pizzeria Simulator has to take place after FNAF 3 because Henry Emily couldn't make a pizzeria simulator in the same year. FNAF Ultimate Custom night takes place in the afterlife. You play as William Afton in purgatory.

    Proper Dates:

    FNAF 1: 1993

    FNAF 2: 1987

    FNAF 3: 2023

    FNAF 4: 1983

    FNAF Sister Location: After 1993

    FNAF Pizzeria Simulator: 2025

    FNAF Ultimate Custom Night: Afterlife

    FNAF Help Wanted: No Date

    FNAF AR: 2023

    FNAF Security Breach: After 2040

    FNAF Security Breach Ruin: After FNAF Security Breach

    No hate or anything. Great video.

  20. SL is debatable (I think it’s during or after Fnaf 1 in 1993) but the years you can think of are 1983-93

  21. Bro if michael was in 1983 ( fnaf SL) then how da hell did he get in 2023 (fnaf 3)💀

  22. I don't understand, how come old animatronics are withered in FNAF 2, if they weren't even created? And why animatronics in fnaf 2 look more "kid friendly" and newer, than in fnaf 1? And where's the puppet in fnaf 1, and other animatronics ?

  23. How does FNaF 2 come out before FNaF 1? Just asking, I'm grading a quiz right now and need to know the correct answers.

  24. If Fnaf 2 happened before fnaf 1 who are The withered animatronics then😶🤨

  25. Him: Pulled Security breach year out of my ass🤷‍♂️

  26. So how is Fnaf 1 in 1993 but Fnaf 2 is in 1987 when the withered animatronics are in Fnaf two 😑

  27. If fnaf 2 had withered animitronics and it was before fnaf 1 then where did they come from

  28. The Gameplay Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location occurs in the year of 2015


    NOT in 1983/1985. Hand Unit tells us about the closure of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. But Hand Unit tells us what year we are in, yes not when the Rental and Pizza World location opened which was after the closure of the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that closed in 1985… Said by his words to fill the terrifying silence of the elevator.

    If the protagonist had been Michael Afton in 1985. It is impossible that he would have gone to work because of his age, speculating a bit on his age, in 1983 he must have been at least 16 years old and in 1985 he would already be 18 years old.

    The fact of being 18 years old in 1985, did not give him the freedom to work for himself or if he wanted to be considered for a job (Work Experience), and not even being the son of the creator of the place he could. Because being 18 doesn't make you a "Robotics Technician" and "Night Watchman". Michael had to have a minimum of 2 years (or 2 1/2 years) of college-style study in order for him to want to work. In 1987 already with 20 years and 2 years studying Robotics and Night Surveillance, this experiment with the behavior of the Toy, being fired the next day for manipulation, he already had real knowledge by 1987. And in 2015 he would already be 48 years old and in 2023 when the FNAF3 and FNAF6-Pizzeria Simulator games take place Michael Afton would be 56 years old. Not in 1985 he was barely legally ceasing to be a child at 18 years old.

    Scott Cawthon in FNAF2, I use "The Great Logic of Companies":

    ❝You always know when a company is preparing to fire someone. They start issuing written warnings for silly things, making sure to leave a paper trail and arguing for dismissal. Things that normally don't matter to anyone suddenly become serious offenses, worth writing about and documenting.❞

    The bad smell or stench of cadav3r-muerto never existed.

    It is literally a very silly and unfair 2nd excuse used as a dirty strategy by Fazbear Entertainment to fire Michael Afton.

    The real and main reason for his dismissal in FNAF2 was that he altered the behavior of the Toy's animatronics. And saying that "it smelled bad" by Fazbear Entertainment is an extra excuse to fire him definitively if Michael came to have a valid justification for why he altered the Toy animatronics in FNAF2.

    The Survival Logbook is a product of FNAF3's "Fazbear's Fright" The Terror Lure. It is a "Recreation" and compilation of the restaurant that opened in 1988 and closed in 1993. Combined with the newer "Funtimes" animatronic range and restaurant. (As a manual of activities and instruction to workers) The events of the Survival Logbook occur in 2023. Not 1993.

    The first in order is FNAF1 then 22 years would pass from the search for Michael Afton to his father William Afton until the year 2015.

    After 2 place in the order would come the history of the Fazbear Frights books from book No. 12 "Felix The Shark" in "You're The Band" (Canonical for the games) has Michael Afton as Co-star and Said story occurs in 2015. Here Michael (Known as "Mike" in the story) was still working at the abandoned FNAF1 location as a watchman. And this same man was still a human being, he had not yet or had never been hit by the Scooper in 1985, after 3rd place would come the "Follow Me" Minigame within 5 nights of 2015, his Father William Afton would go on destroying to the 4 classic animatronics to extract their Endoskeletons possessed by the souls of the children, to later take them to the Circus Baby Subway in the Boiler Room to melt them and create Remnants and inject them into the Funtimes animatronics giving them life. Then William would die on the 5th night in the Springbonnie suit and would be locked in the safe room, where he would remain locked up for 8 years, where he would be transferred to the FNAF3 Gameplay Terror Attraction in 2023.

    The event of the 2015 "Follow Me" Minigame is described by The Cassette Man/Henry Emily:
    ❝He lured them all back, back to a familiar place, back with familiar tricks. He brought them all together… he set some kind of trap, I don't know what he was, but he led them there, again. He dominated them, again. And he stole the only thing they had on hand, again.❞-The Cassette Man / Henry Emily, FNAF6-Pizzeria Simulator.

    And this is confirmed by Scott Cawthon in the book "The Freddy Files The Ultimae Guide" on one of his pages.


    ~ Connections to previous games: "2023" could imply that Pizzeria Simulator follows FNAF3, which takes place thirty years after FNAF. The HRY223 audio file also seems to confirm that William Afton was collecting remains of the possessed animatronics:

    After all that part of his dialogue, comes his 2nd statement:

    ❝Only now do I understand the depth of the depravity of this… creature, this monster that I unwittingly helped create. As if what he had already done wasn't enough, he found a new way to desecrate, to humiliate, to destroy. As if the suffering wasn't enough, the loss of innocence, the loss of everything for so many people. Little souls trapped in prisons of my own making, now assigned to a new purpose and used in ways I never thought imaginable.❞ – Cassette Man/Henry Emily, FNAF6-Pizzeria Simulator.

    The depraved creature is William Afton, the monster is nothing more than the Scooper, Henry unknowingly helped create it. Those little souls of children trapped in prisons of his creation are now used for another purpose that he himself did not imagine. It wants to refer to one thing and it is "The Funtime Animatronics", beings created by kidnapping children. Not to entertain as Henry had put it. They are alive by the remnant of the original 4 children. (Without Cassidy-Golden Freddy)

    From 4th place in the chronological order would come all and absolutely the Gameplay FNAF Sister Location, after the story of "You're The Band" and the Minigame Event of "Follow Me" in 2015.

    Later the other games would occur and the complete order with the others would be as follows:

    The order is

    Opening of Circus Baby's Pizza World and Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental in 1985 (death4 of Elizabeth).

    FNAF1 – 1993

    You're The Band – 2015

    Follow Me Minigames -2015

    Sister Location Gameplay – 2015

    Then they would come:

    FNAF3 Gameplay – Early 2023.

    FNAF6-Pizzeria Simulator – End of October 2023.

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