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What is your Favorite FNAF Game? 🤔#fnaf #roblox #shorts

Fazey Entertainment
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Game is Fredbear and Friends 5 on Roblox!

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#shorts #fnaf #roblox


  1. My favourite fnaf game is fnaf SB and my favourite fnaf fan made game is joy of creation

  2. Okay now I am just waiting for a new GOOD FNAF roleplay series to come out

  3. DID you make that? if so your so talented imma go play it 🙂 btw i subscribed

  4. Can there be fan games included cause tbh I like that one twisted fangame and five nights at jrs

  5. TPPR is nice, but FredBear and Friends 5 is nice!"

  6. The real one my brother got them on his PS4 or 3 I can't remember I don't even know he downloaded sister location FNAF 1 and FNAF 4 which is also the nightmare animatronics because FNAF 4 is the nightmare animatronics and I'm repeating myself I can't remember the other ones that he had I'm pretty sure he also had the no he did have security breach but then it stopped working what weight that really work because he got it like almost exactly when it came out almost exactly like a couple of days and he already had enough money to buy it but so yeah he had it but then his PS4 or 3 stopped working and yeah

  7. Idk about fnaf Game but fnaf dev would be ProtoScrap8790

  8. My favorite FNAF game on Roblox is broken memories

  9. Freadbears mega roleplay o FMR and forgotten memories

  10. My fav fnaf game in Roblox is forgotten memories because it's very cool

  11. This game on roblox if it adds more events like 2020

  12. Archived Night
    Fredbear Mega roleplay
    Fnaf 2 Multiplayer

  13. No but we should appreciate how much Fazey Entertainment has made, they started years ago and they do still continue to make the best FNaF roleplay. I also think they have the best blockey models with so much advanced settings

  14. tprr, thanks for asking, it’s probably the biggest one… In terms of how many characters it has… I actually have no idea if it’s the most popular…

  15. Mine favourite fnaf game is "archived nights" on max graphics it looks amazing on pc. Even tho i don't have a pc… But i watched gallant gaming!

  16. My favorite fnaf game on roblox is forgotten memories

  17. Fredbears mega roleplay or Afton's family diner. That game's models are insanely accurate!

  18. My favorite FNaF game is “The joy of creation”

  19. What is it called I want to play oh and I like all fnaf games

  20. My Fav Is To Be Honest Tbofe. It just has Alot Of Nostalagia. And The quality Is Perfect. + The Event's are Also Very Enjoyable, And Difficult. Making Tbofe one Of My Fav Fnaf Game's In Roblox.

  21. My Favorite is Fredbear and Friends 5 I Can’t Play Fazbear Ent Due to Lag Or Just So Much Models

  22. mine has to be FMR, TBOFE, and fazbears enterprise (whoever remembers)

    Edit:tbofe faf5 and fmr are keeping fnaf rp alive

  23. My favorite fnaf game is fnaf 1 and 4

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