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What is Trump Location? (FNAF Fan Game)

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After many of you spoke about it in the comments of my video on Grizzly’s, I decided to sit down and take a look at the upcoming Trump Location game.

Check out the developer:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Ad
2:16 – Real Introduction
3:32 – Trump Location Trailer 1
6:49 – Trump Location Trailer 2
12:16 – Developer’s Twitter
13:13 – DevianArt Teasers
15:10 – Outro


  1. I hope there’s going to be a Boris Johnson animatronic in the game.

  2. the jumscare at the end of trailer one is hitler

  3. I only have one question, FUCKING WHY?!?!?!?

  4. Do a video on nightmares at Charles it’s a pretty underrated fan game series it’s not the best by any means it just deserves more attention than what it is getting

  5. I don't care for political figures but it'll be fun being able to yell "GET F***ED" at politicians hunting you down.

  6. Can’t wait for Markiplier to make this game blow up u^u

  7. Why’s it take so damn long for the video to start just to get boring commentary 💀

  8. for the trailer 1 green guy that you didnt know i cant say his name but hes from germany (if that helps you

  9. i love the hello kitty poster in the background, very good!

  10. A Hitler jumpscare in a fnaf game is something I would've never predicted.

  11. at the time of commenting this the video has 69k views

  12. I started watching you 2 months ago and haven’t heard of your channel since. So when I saw this I subbed

  13. I will never understand why this was in my recommended.

  14. When trailer 1 was released, the description said if it got enough attention they would make the actual game

  15. Wait this is a real fangame? I thought this was just a parody and wasn’t actually going to be a game.

  16. I’d love to see you cover five nights at fuck boy’s considering you played a similarly funny game in dayshift at freddy’s

  17. They posted on their Twitter. They’re making a new video sometime soon.

  18. 5:45
    It's ironic…..
    Just like that the name is '' Five nights at FREDDY'S:
    Sister location
    But freddy isn't the main focus

  19. Oh, I think you knew pretty much who that one animatronic was… 😀 But probably for the best not to name him.

    I remember watching the first trailer. And well, the second too.

    It will sound strange, but seeing it kinda sparked my wish for a FNAF/animatronic/theme park game with anime/manga characters as the robotic mascots/entertainers. But with a more serious tone, so nothing like the parody that FNIA is(of which I had heard before Trump Location).

    Too bad I can neither draw nor design…

  20. Would be interesting if he made one with biden it would be funny asf lmao

  21. Help wanted didn’t invent the plush mini game, Fnaf 4 did

  22. thanks YouTube this video wasn't released 13 hours ago

  23. Is it just me or is it despite being comedic, the models are actually terrifying.

  24. I'm pretty sure that the first animatronic that jumpscared you was hitler

  25. the one we didnt see the face for is probobally the triple k leader

  26. This is the same dude who shit on me for a comment one time.

  27. I only ever saw the first trailer, while it was still a joke

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