What is the Scariest Animatronic from each FNAF Game? Part 2 #fnaf #gaming - jetgame.pl

What is the Scariest Animatronic from each FNAF Game? Part 2 #fnaf #gaming

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  1. Being scared of Chicas rainbow = scaredy cats with aids

  2. Bro I am terrified of fnaf 6 but I also love it

  3. I just figured out Scrapbabys claw is her claw in her stomach

  4. Every fnaf character < Chicas magic rainbow

  5. I fr think funtime freddy is the scariest,he has 0 sanity.

  6. For me the scariest animatronic in sl is funtime freddy

  7. Lol I thought he was gonna say scrap traps big forehead

  8. Pizzeria simulator I would like to say molten Freddy

  9. In my opinion scraptrap is the scariest because I realized that people are saying he looks like a peanut because his bone of his head showing

  10. I might be scared at magic rainbow as well


  12. In FNAF World you forgot about withered foxy minigame i think its the scariest

  13. Yo lowke kinda sounds like a Mr beast AI i swear I’m not trying to be rude ❤❤❤

  14. I love that they put Chica's Magic Rainbow in the movie

  15. "Molten freddy has left the chat i mean left the vent"

  16. It’s obviously innerd❤ ( no offense btw it’s jsut funny he said it)

  17. “This game’s not that scary”
    Are you forgetting about the salvage sections?

  18. fnaf 1: bonnie or golden freedy
    fnaf 2: whitered chica
    fnaf 3 : phantom freedy or phantom puppet
    fnaf 4: nightmare foxy
    sister location : enard
    fnaf 6: scraptrap or rockstar bonnie

  19. The hardest thing in the game😏

  20. Mangle scares me because of the audio and the vhs tape

  21. ennard was one time gonna make me pee my pants because i playing and look behind me bc my mom said she wants something and i look at the screen to see ennard

  22. Her big claw looks very painful.



  23. In SB RUIN, I disagree with you as I personally feel the most unnerving/scary one is mimic

  24. Na bro the girl that says uh oh how unfortunate she is scary you never know who she summoned

  25. Bro her sound look like a mrbeast being nerf💀

  26. I think The consequences guy is the scariest animatronic/thing in fnaf world

  27. I think it's lefty bc the salvage is random she or he could kill you at any moment without even showing a sign of movement and the and with lefty in the vents if you make to much sould or have the heater off she or he will get even more dedicated to kill you

  28. I would argue that the minireenas are the scariest animatronics in sister location those things are creepy and night 4 was one of the most difficult nights

  29. I don't hear you bro the only thing I hear is the FNAF theme song

  30. fnaf 4 all the animatronics has joined the chat

  31. 1.golden freddy
    2.withered chica
    4.night marrionette
    6.scrap baby
    7.rockstar bonnie
    That is my opinion

  32. "Plus he has the scariest fan-made VHS tapes" I love how you know that's fan made and has nothing to do with him at all and that's not even what he looks like and yet you still said it

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