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What FNAF The Glitched Attraction Hides Off Camera in the Sister Location Basement (Lost Media)

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The Glitched Attraction’s fifth escape room is themed after Five Nights at Freddy’s 5: Sister Location. It’s the second escape room to be featured after this game. Within it you must navigate a warehouse while Ennard is hunting you down. Vanny has a secret laboratory in this area and I found some cut content as well with a beta map! Join me as we once again break down this spooky FNAF fan game!

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Filmed and game breaking by SwankyBox.
Edited by Ellinian.

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Music from FNAF Security Breach and Sister Location OST’s
Crypto track from incompetech.com


  1. 2:45 its an Security Breach Endo i don't really know on which level it is :/

  2. The endo is the one from security Breach

  3. Once again the man the myth the legend delivers!! Personally I think that scrapped hallway room was probably scrapped due to gameplay issues rather than game performance since there are a ways around performance issues sometimes but I'm not as smart as others are so idk

  4. The Endo skeleton was the one from security breach.

  5. Fun Fact; You can change the Video in the game files by replacing it, I tried it and it was funny as hell when I changed the original video to a rick roll. (And yes I rick rolled friend into this)

  6. The endo that you find is prob the glamrock freddy

  7. Fun fact how enard got made William Afton for up

  8. It is a security breach endoskeleton at 2:43. because all the other endos are meant to support springlock suits, making them look like actual anamatronics. in security breach, it is just endos covered by metal plates.

  9. its like how bendy and the dark revival hides a lot of secrets that you can find when you hack the game.

  10. 0:42 "all the animatrosh from shisher lohation" im sorry I cant 💀

  11. I think I know why that freddy hand is in the second area. The devs were making freddy and didn’t give him a microphone. They realised this and hid his non mic hand out of bounds.

  12. That endoskeleton is from security breach.

  13. In speedruns they call this section ‘hell’

  14. The endo is an endo from one of the animatronics from sb or it was the endo used in the escaped room where spring trap get his head stuck in the door

  15. It's a shame that the giant room got cut I was honestly surprised when you showed that I would have never expected that

  16. the endo that is undergorund is the security breach endo

  17. The endo under the map is an glamrock endo skeleton

  18. Honestly, that headless Balora is likely down there because the devs just took her already rigged model and pulled pieces off it of with a rig pose. Rather than spend the time cutting them out as actual individual props. (Which would need their own textures, UV's, etc)

  19. at 6:18 am I going crazy or is that Lolbit showing up in the fog?

  20. The endo is a security breach endo thats legs are broken

  21. Ahmad the pro roblox gamer *Im the piggy* says:


  22. It’s in the skeleton from security breach

  23. Here to see bleach cuz you going to the game go to the Endo section you will see the same window with the legs there I just explained it to you they probably hit it and has an Easter eggs to Scott's game five nights at Freddy's games I like to have Easter eggs Scott likes to put Easter eggs inside of the games

  24. Good job breaking all these fnaf games for us-

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