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What fnaf game is this?! (Fnaf fan comic dub)

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Here’s a fan dub of a hilarious comic by the talented @doekawaii over on Instagram! They made me laugh with this strip, I just had to dub it! Springtrap is always a fun character to act as, as for the player? You may just want to return that Five Nights at Freddy’s game to steam. Like and follow for more funny dubs!!!


  1. This is from one of the books- the Fazbear Frights series
    My god, that one was like a fever dream…

  2. en el nombre del hijo el padre y el espiritu santo YO LOS CONDENO!

  3. I didn’t recognize that it was “in the flesh” until I read the comments and now I’m ashamed that I couldn’t figure it out on my own

  4. Peepaw Willy are you drunk or something?

  5. Cassidy can you get William please because William is saying stuff that I think really need to go like right now

  6. The artist is DoeKawaii! Its from the fazbear frights books o:

  7. New book series stories from the pizza Plex

  8. This is a book if you wondering and it really makes sense if you’ve read the books

  9. That sounds nice peepaw let's go take ur meds now

  10. XD but also WTF springtrap has been stuck there for so long he has gone crazy

  11. Oh no, peepaw forgot to take his medication again

  12. F in the chat for the security guard 🥲✌

  13. Fun Fact: Mpreg is canon in the FNAF Novels

  14. Imagine Springtraps Revenge (the game this was referencing) was Scott making fun of those CRINGEY Five Nights at Freddys character dating apps.


  16. “So thats what glichtrap is thinking of”

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