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What Character We Played In Each FNAF Game👾Sub For More Content #fnafedit #williamafton #fnaf #fyp

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  1. Help wanted is wrong because Vanessa leaves you tapes in that game

  2. actually the most correct theory is that Micheal was the one that had the nightmares, not Evan/c.c. if you don't belive me then find me proof that it was about c.c/Evans nightmares


  4. We play as micheal afton in all games except fnaf 4 security breach and ruin

  5. I’m sorry but we play as Michael In fnaf 4, basically at this point in the story William is using sound illusion discs to trick Michael’s mind and keep him inside his house, the reason for this is because Micheal had nightmares about his brother haunting him, and Micheal has a lot of guilt about his brothers death, and he would keep breaking out of the house, and William didn’t want another son of his to die.

  6. I thoughts you play in fnaf 1 as a Michael Smith

  7. Puppet: I’m the most powerful!Michal😏

  8. Michael realy Said i always come back 💀

  9. FNAF facts:
    The Schmidt family and Afton family have close resemblance as the Schmidts have Mike, Garret and Abby 2 boys and one girl. And the Aftons have Michael, Evan, Elizabeth 2 boys and one girl again.

  10. Also in the FNAF movie video training part you can see someone working on an animatronic. This could resemble Henry Emily or so he’s called he may be actually called Henry Schmidt as the person working on the animatronic looks like Mike Schmidts dad in the movie. The last name Emily may be Charlie’s middle name making her Charlie Emily Schmidt. And that may mean that in the game Henry made the puppet to protect Charlie and if Mikes and Garrets dad is Henry he may of made the puppet so Garrets soul could live on.

  11. 5 nights at freddys ❌
    20 nights at freddys ✅

  12. Wrong in all the first six games we play as mike and if you disagree for fnaf 1 and 2 well then we can say he done the sixth night as it had no paycheck alsi for fnaf 4 mike was alos tested on

  13. we actually play as micheal in fnaf 4 as well since evans room layout is different and this is acording to matpat

  14. in Fnaf 4 is Michael afton being tortured by William after kills Evan

  15. Blud gotta realize that Micheal didn’t work everywhere 💀

  16. Bro Michael had to go through all that and fnaf 4 for punishment.

  17. Isn't William the main character in UCN?

  18. In the first game its not micheal afton its micheal schmidt if you look up the first fnaf game pay check it shows you his name

  19. Fritz Smith: How was your night 6 Bro it is okay?
    Jeremy Fitzgerald: look what i got in my head.
    Fritz Smith: 😮

  20. Fnaf 4 U play as kid mike Afton having nightmare
    ( Mike is short for Michael Afton)

  21. William always come back
    Micheal always come back

    Like father like son

  22. im pretty sure in fnaf 4 you play as miceal bc william was like punishing him with some discs kind like the ones on the twisted ones making him see the animatronics

  23. It is not Michael Afton it is Michael Smith bro!

  24. In ucn he gets jumpscared by his two versions i dont know why springtrap and scraptrap jumpscare himself

  25. but the pay check in fnaf saids “mike smicth or however you spell his name but ok

  26. I think Michael's just in… Sister location… And ffps.

  27. William: IT WAS HELL
    Mike: what you have seen I have seen father but I seen it worse

  28. No we play as Michael because Michael killed Evan aka crying child the bite of 83

  29. Actually you are Henry Emily in pizzeria simulator

  30. Actually In fnaf 4 you are playing as Michael Afton But he's a kid It's after his little brother the crying child gets killed And Jeremy Fitzgerald Is William Afton in disguise

  31. I thought in fnaf 1 it was Mike Schmidt

  32. Fnaf ucn is just everyone tournamenting Willam 💀💀

  33. In UCN we don't play William because there is springtrap and scraptrap, which means William would have to see himself, and we don't play Michael either because his father is there in two versions at once and

  34. Bro actually we play as Micheal Afton in fnaf 4 too

  35. Everybody: Talking about Micheal
    Meanwhile crying child: Facing horrifying night terrors/hallucinations that haunt him, practically deadly

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