WAS THAT GOLDEN FREDDY?! | Five Nights at Freddy's - Part 2 - jetgame.pl

WAS THAT GOLDEN FREDDY?! | Five Nights at Freddy’s – Part 2

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This game is honestly going to kill me… I can’t take these scares, how much worse can it get before I BEAT it!?
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  1. Me watching this like the fifteenth time and still laughing at the part when he freaks out of foxys singing 🤣🤣

  2. phone guy was mappat yeah mappat he got lore of five nights at freddys so he is the phone guy yeah idk mappat is the phone guy

  3. Me who wanted to advice Mark in the comments but then remembered the video is 9 years old: 😐

    It's still a masterpiece tho

  4. 7:50 Wait. Is THIS where MeatCanyon got the idea of Markiplier being obsessed with milk from?

  5. It’s not the jump scares that scare me it’s Markipliers scream 😂

  6. Just realized Mark calls Bonnie bon-bon, and later in sister location that is what Funtime Freddy calls Bonnie

  7. Going back through this series every time a game comes out 🙂

  8. N way did markaplier get a Golden Freddy sighting on his first night 3 play thru!!!!!


    Also him: Ducky ducky go away, ducky ducky no one loves you 17:04 17:11

  10. 2014 : Has a heart attack each time

  11. Imagine if Chica came and stayed at the door like bonnie did!

  12. 13:33 basically this is the 15th time that I watched this video😂😂😂 most likely more they came out nine years ago

  13. what was was that dum dum dum singing in his second round

  14. marks reaction to jumpscares then: Screams Marks reaction now: hardly flinches

  15. Go to 19:05 and wait till mark goes to the west hall corner and look at the freddy poster 👀

  16. hello everyone just as a note if you dont know the names they are the bear is freddy the bunny is bonnie the chicken is chica and the guy in pirate cove is called foxy

  17. Ducky ducky quack quack quack, ducky ducky quack quack quack, ducky ducky go away, duck ducky no one loves you! Favorite line of all the series.

  18. I can't believe this was nine years ago

  19. p•t..* x.<-,-<)th"o.😱🤯ohey guys which one is your f< to Ss helpo o o@ men. v:>:)7

  20. Bro the WHAT THE FACK OK? Because of golded Freddy

  21. Im here because of the FNAF tier list episodes from Distractible.

  22. Ive seen the WHOLE playlist before and IM DOING IT AGAIN. Markiplier is the funniest when it comes to fnaf.
    P.S Wonder if I can get any likes. Lol

  23. how did mark manage do get golden freddy and over 3 its me screens

  24. I’m rewatching the series until the movie come out

  25. that line from phone guy about pretending to be an empty costume and how the animatronics might put an endoskeleton inside him is either an insane coincidence or crazy good retroactive foreshadowing on scotts part, especially considering you're playing as Micheal in this one

  26. Jumpscares

    Freddy 8:41
    Foxy 22:45

    Total this episode: 2

    Total this game: 3

    Total this series: 3

  27. Ah i have reached the start of a 10 year journey again

  28. 12:14 Then man really called the "standing here, I realize" meme years prior, that's Markiplier for you.

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