WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy's - Part 1 - jetgame.pl

WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy’s – Part 1

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No other game has given me a greater feeling of dread than this one. Five Nights at Freddy’s is incredibly unique and takes an approach to horror that I’ve never experienced before. If you’re a fan of scary games you MUST check this game out!
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  1. 7 years ago… Us: That's Quite Scary.. Today…. Us: HA mark be 👶

  2. I remember discovering this when I was sick and off school, what a blast it was watching all of these and waiting for the next episode/game to come out ❤️

  3. Gave this video 1M likes on this video.

  4. I'm bummed out that the movie has been delayed once again, in hopes that it'll come out in the next few years I'll just binge watch these to hold me off.

  5. i love watching this series so much.. it's like a comfort place to me

  6. Oh my gosh it’s about to hit 1 million likes

  7. Tomorrow is the end of the quarter for my year of 8th grade this means I get paid for my grades which means I finally have enough money to buy all the fnaf games

  8. Near 1 million likes god dam is my own city like this video god dam

  9. Collect your “Here Before 1 Million Likes” card here while you still can

  10. Who else misses the good old days of FNAF with Markiplier

  11. Play this over Creed's Arms Wide Open. Trust me it's an otherworldly experience…😏

  12. I’m going to comment on this post every time I come backtrack to this lol

  13. Get your before A Million Likes ticket here.

  14. Like the video so that we get to 100k likes!👍😎😏🙂😬👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  15. Give a praise for Foxy
    He was the first to Jumpscare Markiplier.

  16. Let's take a minute to thank the real MVPs of this series — the people who timestamp all the jump scares.
    (16:09 btw)

  17. This vid almost as 100 million views and 1 million likes, holy. And it’s the 3rd most viewed vid on his channel……WOW

  18. Mark: Tries to close the door
    Foxy: I AM SPEEED

  19. Silverravager 3 (CANNONT ACCESS ACCOUNT) says:

    Soon to be The FNAF King………………..

  20. damn 7 years ago, who would’ve know how much this would grow since

  21. Watching this in 2021 gives me nostalgia

  22. Pov: you're watching this when it has 999k likes

  23. Okay so I don’t know if anyone noticed but at 3:32 he goes onto cam 4B he actually gets a rare glitch I have been trying to get so your lucky er so :<

  24. Come on guys 1mill likes right now 999k came on

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