WAIT, ARE WE PHONE GUY FROM FNAF1!? | Fredbear's Fright (Part 2) - jetgame.pl

WAIT, ARE WE PHONE GUY FROM FNAF1!? | Fredbear’s Fright (Part 2)

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I’m loving this game so much right now!! Night 3 is tearing our butt up but wait,.. who is this on the phone!? SLICE that ‘like’ if you wanna see tomorrw! WELCOME, back to Fredbear’s Fright!

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  1. FNAF SMA SIM WALT,ARE WE PHONE GUY FROM FNAF 1 Fredbear s Fright Part 2

  2. cory: i might post this tommorow" never to see a part 3… same old same old..

  3. Yeah the truth is you are playing as the phone guy, cause in Night 4 in FNAF 1 he dies on the phone. Which in this game night it's phone guy's death.

  4. 9:11 we are the phone guy that’s how he was killed? (Just kidding I know he was killed by golden Freddy or golden Freddy and Freddy and stuffed up in a Freddy suit)

  5. Has anyone noticed that Cory is almost wearing the same colored shirt as his chair is?

  6. guys, anyone here watching this from 2023 cuz bro dissappeared?

  7. Cory:"take me, im all yours"
    The animatronic:"say less my boy"

  8. Who else is watching old videos because they’re bored?

  9. 👀Five Nights at Freddy's lore got me like: "What's the deal with these animatronics?"🤔

  10. The way Cory ran in saying, “GUYS! GUYS!” at the start of the video is literally little kids telling their parents they ate their booger.

  11. I have this game, but I can't get past night 2.

  12. So hold on… the phone guy died (as we see as mike shmidt) but like cory said thats insane which also means the rumor we had about holden freddy killing him (makes no damn sense because cassidy is trying to get vengeance for william killing her) please someone help me out 💀

  13. You know what they say “you should’ve looked for another job you should’ve said this place goodbye” -fnaf 1 song

  14. Corey, the last video you made the prototype was coming from the roof he wasn't coming from one of the doors. There must be a vent up on the roof that he heats coming down from

  15. Of course, you're not reading my comment. They're coming from the roof can you not see

  16. I find it really cool that I see few people still watching the old videos 😊

  17. Dude when he was saying I was just a fan of your work fredbear really aight stop talking RAWRRRR

  18. @coryxkenshin hey I also record & play video games and post it online right now I am posting on Facebook because I have to wait to post on Youtube, how did you get the screen to show the game it does not work for me it only shows me and the game audio

  19. Please play it if you do, I will make you MrBeast

  20. If you don't play tattletail you got to play chapter 3 of puppy playtime

  21. If you are in 2024 rn like this comment 🎉🎉🎉

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