Vapor Reacts #1136 | FNAF GAME THEORY "FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!" The Game Theorists REACTION!! -

Vapor Reacts #1136 | FNAF GAME THEORY “FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!” The Game Theorists REACTION!!

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  1. Before we are in quarantine I saw a curcus baby pop figure on the front desk

  2. People say there is fnaf 6 but there are lying there is FNAF 8

  3. Waaaait organ doner?

    There’s a line in join us for a bite that says
    “And Freddy told us your a organ doner”

    .o. Interesting 🤔

  4. Also I rp as micheal in roblox

    Me:plays as micheal

    Random player:.o. Your micheal Afton?

    Me: call me Pete :>

  5. So there's a theory where in the "fnaf 2 song" Mrs.Afton after a fight with William afton decides to ride her car to get her feelings to calm down….but… all her crying distracts her…and…she didn't notice that infront of the was a dead end of a road and…she drove off a cliff…

  6. Maybe the crying child and Michael Afton have the same birthday…?

  7. Pls react to the latest vid from game theorists

  8. waaait a minute! the book came out 5 years after fnaf 4 right?

    5 years? 5 victims? coincidence? I THNK NOT!!!!

  9. foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood hahahahahaahhahahaahhaha

  10. He. Game theory for got about the foxy bros skin color. On fnaf sl cut scenes michaels skin color is different on sl but the crying child has simulator hair color.

  11. I am so glad william aftons wife left him her life would have been no more

  12. Matpat: Invisible Animatronics aren't a thing
    Nightmare has left the chat

  13. If Scott takes over it bruh fnaf ar would be real

  14. I have a myth that say that nightmare foxy is Michael afton himself cause when any nightmare moves you hear a kids laugh and how the hell an animatronic can breath.
    Its gust a myth
    Also another one that is the crying child is fun time fready cause you can find a child body in his body also molten fready always take about a party .
    Its gust a myth

  15. Maybe ballora is chasing her becuse she does not want what happened to her

  16. I noticed 2 SCPs there the first one being SCP-178 "the 3d specs" and SCP-2718 "what happens after"/"the pestilence"/"the thing 049 won't shut up about"(you see "foxybro" die with his soul being trapped in his body and him feeling everything that happens to him which are the 2 main symptoms of SCP-2718)

  17. scot plz make a freddy faz bear pizzaria in real life

  18. "Why do you hide inside the walls when there is literally music and I can crawl on all fours" ~ Ballora 2019

  19. i have known who foxy bro has been the entire time

  20. I'm not being rude but he's a chatter box (not trying to be rude

  21. I think phantom animatronicks can interact with real world(kind of). Becaus, when they scare you, they will also couse error on some device. (Am I right?)

  22. Why is the man with the stick beating up a racoon.

  23. Did you guys know that when fnaf 4 came out of was my birthday

  24. Seeing your younger brother get his head chomped by an animatronic bear would be traumatic enough to cause memory loss. Maybe Michael was given the security job initially for FNaF 1 because Henry felt bad for his ex business partners kid? Then encountering Golden Freddy aka his brother jogged his memory enough for him to remember his name and what his dad has done? Maybe that's why he voluntarily initially followed his dad's instructions to go work a Sister Location, to then wanting to find him and set him on fire in FNaF 2? I mean we know from the images of the bed in FNaF 4 that he needed medication after his brother died with the pill box. I think it was a PTSD reaction to his brother getting hurt.

  25. whenever i see a comment that has comments above 70 likes i get very mad

  26. game theory in 2024: william afton is mike schmidt

  27. When i first played sister location i thought afton went crazy and killed his wife ._.

  28. 8:26 wrong Phantoms do they sabotage the systems in FNAF 3, they are 100% real. The whole “hallucination thing” was just teasers by Scott to mostly create mystery, the Phantoms cause the system failures not the failures cause them.

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