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Upcoming FNAF Fan Games That Are TERRIFYING!

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In today’s video, I go over a bunch of upcoming FNAF fan games that are part of an event called Fangame Direct! From another remake of FNAF 1, to a bunch of sequels to previous fangames, there’s a lot to look forward to from this community! Sit back, relax, and let me show you some of the BEST upcoming FNAF fangame projects!

FANGAME DIRECT: @FangameDirect


Welcome to Freddy’s: @MarcoAntonioOffic
Golden Memory 2: @Wester15
Mary’s Arcade 2: @psonday967
GRIZZLY’S 2: (Lester Tellez)


Playtime With Percy:
Ultimate Custom Night VR:
Fazbear Tycoon:

Check out @Th3Badd3st’s videos on Grizzly’s!


Outro Music: Title Theme – Obliteracers

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0:00 – Intro
2:10 – Welcome to Freddy’s
5:08 – Golden Memory 2
7:32 – Mary’s Arcade 2
10:08 – GRIZZLY’S 2
12:28 – Honorable Mentions
13:02 – Closing


  1. i love how fredbear doesnt have his face in Golden Memory 2, since he bit the face off of a kid. Cruel irony.


  3. Not gonna lie, I like the main cast designs in Welcome to Freddy's a LOT better than the Fnaf+ designs.

  4. Golden Memories seems to have similar gameplay to that one Jollibee fnaf game

  5. That girls a miner that girls miner she can’t us she had to mine harder

  6. who remembers when uhyeah was sponsored by a law firm

  7. Why does the office look so decrepit for Welcome to Freddy's? The pizzeria is still meant to be open, so making it look absolutely disgusting makes no sense if the same concept is followed through

  8. I was hoping the rat cave would be in this but it’s ok he might have talked about it before hand

  9. glad scott finally got to add that wolf to the game with sb

  10. It games guts to release a sequel to Grizzly's.

  11. no people are talking about Willys Horrorland

  12. 4:13 it looks like it's already abandoned, to me, which is not suppose to be the case.

  13. I keep looking up instinctively every time my name is said 11:55

  14. fun fact: marco actually says on twita welcome to freddy's will be relesed this june (i think or maybe…)

  15. 0:03 gets me laughing every time. Just the sound and the background info

  16. Whats the song thats played in the Marys arcade 2. It sounds like a chill beach song.

  17. 7:50
    The first Mary's Arcade is amazing,
    truly underrated. It should really
    be up there with Popgoes, FNAC, ONAF, Mary's Arcade is just that good, it's sooooooo cool~

  18. Isn’t the first Grizzly’s just an embarrassing, unironic load of political propaganda? Why would the second game be any better? Any amount of cool visuals and well-designed gameplay won’t save it if the plot is just a load of dogma

  19. Funny that TRTBN wasn't talked about in this video, but it's a really good game.

  20. Marys arcade looks like a sherlock murder mystery in the 1930s

  21. Curiosity: Golden Memory 2 and Welcome to Freddy's are both Brazilian Fan Games

  22. well were not getting fnaf+ anymore i guess i can settle on this

  23. I wish i could host my own fangame showcase
    I mean theoretically i can since i have full capability to make art and animations for the ui parts that arent the trailers, but the real issue is getting people to know about it and getting fangame directors to share their trailers for said fangame showcase

    I wish there was a cool purple dog content creator that could help-

  24. Crazy going back to this video and seeing Playtime With Percy now that its had such a good release.

  25. fun fact grizzlies main menu music is the exact same as the cod bo2 transit theme
    if i remember correctly

  26. Well, just go check out the video the worst from the fan games then you understand any of this is some other games you can talk about that you think is good in your opinion is wrong I’m just kidding but there’s maximum forgotten ones you can review just a little thing I could give you for a new video idea But you do know that this is first game sucked so much you have to admit no not care if it’s your favorite game no I don’t know who has that realistic style I’m just saying trash mechanics the bus is supposed to freeze and make that the electronics, but the game is glitched out a bit is cause I had a death 32.0 for that I’m just saying me baby stop saying this is your favorite game on this game sucks the first game something maybe the second game will be better and pick it

  27. It’s not a based around skill in planning it’s based around if you can get lucky enough at the buzzer if it doesn’t glitch

  28. 😍These all look sick as hell!! I would love to play all of these!🤩

  29. 3:10 that means last two can be golden freddy puppet beaver endo or similar fnaf 1-like reference

  30. Wait a minute… golden memory 2 reminds me of the Jolibees fnaf game

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