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Unreal Engine 4 – FNaF game tutorial #6 – Complete animatronics!

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Today we are making complete animatronics, with a jumpscare, footsteps, door functions!
In the next part (Part 7) We will be making the functionality of the music box!


  1. Thanks, Super helpful! But how do I make a skeleton because my model has none

  2. How do you make it’s A.I? Like give them different characteristics such as, lingering outside vent for longer periods, or if you don’t watch them, they attack?

  3. Mixamo won't let you make rigs with one armed animatronics

  4. i cant copy and paste the animatronic and change the character because it changes the 1st animatronic

  5. Ty seš Čech? 😀 A já na tebe koukám jak udělat AI a myslel sem si že jsi ENG 😀

  6. Hey i have a question to you why my animatronic only moving in one room? i set this nav mesh everywhere like you but he only moving in one room and i have a question… is just my room is too big? or what? because im wanna to make my first own fangame and this is my first time when im working in UE4 so i dont understand this xD, but i wanna just to build a pizzeria but why he is moving in one room? im doing bad somethig?

    pls anwser me for this question and sry for me ENG, im from Poland 🙂

  7. hey i need help im trying to download the animations from mixamo but it wont download

  8. My freddy walks down the hall when he sees me, but before reaching me he just turns around and leaves

  9. Lol the untextured looks like Funtime freddy

  10. my ai keeps randomly stop walking and standing still forever is there any way to fix that??? like when it comes to the door it does not return to its starting position. it seems like my ai does not know how to turn around

  11. My character isn’t playing his walk animations. How do I fix this?

  12. When animatronic is running towards Me when I close the door

    animatronic remains stuck
    PLEASE help me

  13. Am I the only person who gets nothing wrong and has no problems
    Seems like it
    I feel bad for those people who are stuck and arent being helped

  14. esse e o comentario brasileiro que voce ta procurando 😀

  15. My animatronic just walks through me and through the other exit, he’s playing his run animation but it’s all glitchy also sometimes he doesn’t even come up to me and he just stares at me and walks off, please reply quickly, thanks

  16. Hi, thanks for your videos, I would like to know if you can help me with something that I want to make my artificial intelligence character when turning not turn abruptly I want it to turn more smoothly

  17. um pls help, my animatronic is moving and following me but when he gets to my door he just stands there with it open and walks away and I have the nav mesh bounds volume everywhere ._.

  18. In AI move to pawn won’t connect to self

  19. When I put the animatronics file into mixamo, an error pops up

  20. capoeira is not a dance, it's a defense fight thingy type of brazil, I'm Brazilian, they hid capoeira as a dance so they wouldn't die because all the people who lived in brazil were being slaved

  21. My character is not playing the animation when he walks


  22. How do you add more rooms and one more animatronic

  23. man your amazing thank you so much for teaching me how to make a animatronic ai at first i was not sure if im gonna be able to make it but i just did what you were doing and watched every part carefully and then i was able to make it so yeah im very happy with what i have made and i learned a little bit about blueprints too so when the game is gonna be ready im gonna put it on gamejolt and maybe if you want i might give you a early version so thank you and to every one just watch the whole video and pay close attention 🙂

  24. My animatronics walk cycle is a bit bugged, like he’s teleporting backwards. Is there a way to fix it?

  25. Ty jsi Čech jsou tam český nadpisi extrahovat zde tam je takže

  26. Want to help with my game springtraps revenge? I haven't gotten to start it yet since im finishing a different game first. But springtraps revenge will be a maze where you have to escape before springtrap will kill you. Also it will hopefully be multiplayer. I am wanting to find someone who will be able to ai springtrap. I will try to do everything else. If you are interested contact me at airplane99982@gmail.com

  27. I know you have to download an app for sketchfab to properly install the models

  28. Why not make the AI just go to specific points and then make it delay give a sound que to the player to notify them that the AI (Freddie) has moved so that they are aware of where he is or that he's moved????

  29. Plus why dont you make it so that when the AI sees the door it destroys and respawns in its original space

  30. what script thing do you use in 27:11 , whats the SET thing, i cant find it, please helpppp

  31. It’s not hard to find it, it’s hard to make it

  32. Hey! I'm not entirely new to unreal engine 4, but on the top left of your screen, it says lighting needs to be rebuilt. To rebuild lighting, you need to press the arrow next to the build button. then you will see a button saying lighting quality. click production. then after that you press build lighting only.

  33. Thank you My turkish its wery wery good thanks 👏

  34. For some reason my AI makes the run animation and everything but he doesn't move anywhere. Is there anyway I can fix this?

  35. After i close my door the animatronic on the second time he goes attack me and my door is open he "read" whith the door is closed )=

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