Trapped in a Fnaf Game! Minecraft -

Trapped in a Fnaf Game! Minecraft

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I really messed up and got myself trapped in a horror game! Sorry for lack of Uploads

Game Five Nights with Herobrine

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  1. Good news for those of you who enjoyed this video! I am currently working on a sequel! Unlike this video however, the sequel will feature original characters, in an original location.

  2. We really enjoyed the video Awesomegamerdude, the video was, awesome! 😛 We liked it! 😀

  3. awesome gamer dude subscribe to my channel i had 1 sub

  4. Awesomegamerdued your intro is laod slow down right now is bleeding my ears

  5. Is that Minecraft realistic Five Nights at Freddy's a real thing or did you just make that up

  6. Legend says that you can still hear his voice cracks.

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