Top 5 Hardest Fnaf Games (easiest to hardest). -

Top 5 Hardest Fnaf Games (easiest to hardest).

Murtaza Syed
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  1. Actual Order

    1. FNAF UCN
    2. FNAF 2
    3. FNAF 5
    4. FNAF 3
    5. FNAF 4
    6. FNAF 6
    7. FNAF 1

  2. Nah fnaf 2 goes in 3rd dude there’s so many of them to many and it increases so much that
    U can’t take a break

  3. Help Wanted not being on this list is a crime
    I nearly cried once beating plush baby nightmare mode

  4. Fnaf 2 is the easiest on I got 3 stars in 3 days

  5. Your opinion is bullshit fnaf 2 should be way higher because the amount of animatronics and the puppet.

  6. In my opinion the fourth is easier than the second (maybe also easier than the first)

  7. fnaf 3 if it was on this list would be 2nd because fnaf 3 is kinda easier basically it is play audio reset stuff phantom jumpscare you do ventilation more audio and vent

  8. Bro there's no way fnaf 1 Is the easiest ON NIGHT 2 IS ALREADY HARD AS HELL

  9. Technically UCN can rank anywhere since you set the difficulty, but if 50/20 is what we count as winning then yes

  10. Fnaf pizzeria simulator left the chat it is the hardest fnaf game in my opinion, I tried doing it without having a single death, and that took me at least like 58 tries

  11. Bro sister location isn’t hard I only died on the 5th and final night one time then I beat the gane

  12. Fnaf 1 is hard😂, no actually, I'm talking about my self, fnaf 2 is mid and 3 is , idk how to , 4 is ive never tried, 5 is sooooo easy, the first fnaf game I've beat, I never knew fnaf 6 exists, probably named something else

  13. My list:
    5- Sister Location (Custom nights)
    4- Fnaf 4
    3- Fnaf 6
    2- Fnaf 2
    1- Ucn

  14. Well, UCN is the hardest if everyone is on 20, but not really if you not use everyone

  15. The only one i did not do is fnaf ucn i beat haf

  16. My tier list

    1 fnaf ucn

    2 fnaf sl

    3 fnaf 2

    4 fnaf 1

    5 fnaf 4

    6 fnaf 3

  17. fanf 2 has to get a 1 ;-; its too easy

  18. The spring locks in night 4 in sister location, you have no idea how much i suffer trying to pass it, when i pass it in the first you have no idea

  19. FNaF 4 is actually pretty straightforward, it just takes some listening
    With FNaF 1, there's a strategy that works in pretty much every night: just leave the monitor on Show Stage and flip it up then down fast, then check one light, then the monitor again, then the other light, and repeat while periodically closing a door if Bonnie or Chica shows up. Will keep Freddy and Foxy at bay. You can also not check the right door if you hear Chica in the kitchen. BONUS: On Night 1, you can literally just do nothing until Phone Guys' call ends then just close the left door and leave it closed for the rest of the night. Should work almost, if not every single time.
    FNaF 3 is a little more challenging partly due to the fact that Springtrap is kind of hard to spot on the Cameras with the dim green lighting
    With SL you're basically guided through it though the tasks can be difficult to actually pull off
    FNaF 2 is an absolute nightmare; no doors, three openings, several animatronics that are all active at once, the Freddy mask you have to put on that also keeps you from doing anything else while wearing it, the music box you have to wind up (which is on the monitor), the flashlight with limited battery, the aggressive scream; yeah, you get the idea.

  20. I still didnt beat sister location night 4…

  21. if your counting ANY fnaf game then I feel like Help wanted would be the hardest

  22. fnaf 4 (All Challenge In nightmare) + UCN (All Animatronic To maxed ) is the hardest

  23. Bro fnaf 2 is so underrated when it comes to difficulty there is so many of them you have to keep track also while winding the music box I never even completed the fifth night till this days

  24. did you ever head about slafr nightmare mode?…

  25. But in Disney there's 6.000 animatronics 💀💀💀

  26. To others saying ucn goes everywhere,in ucn the main thinks to beat is beating all challenges and then 50/20,the others think are costum night like in other fnaf but you dont need to finish the game to do it

  27. Fnaf 6 left the chat,but if it was there,i would rank place 4

  28. SL is easy as hell, FNAf 2 is hard because of the MusicBox and UCN¬ depends because to beat it you have to do 50/20 mode and get 5000 highscore but in that game you can do anything.

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