Top 5 FNAF games on Roblox -

Top 5 FNAF games on Roblox

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Top 5 Five nights at Freddys games on Roblox



  1. This video is old. Most of these games dont exist anymore. Sorry for no links.

  2. Fnaf crazy there is a game called nights at Freddy's it's really fun


  4. Hey, I wanted to let you know that my brother, my friends and I LOVE your Broken Bonnie game on roblox. We used to always play it and we had so much fun! But the thing is, WE CANT PLAY IT ANYMORE! It says that the game is not available on my platform even though I used to ALWAYS play it! Did you change a big thing or what? If you see this then please answer back, thank you.

  5. I was just looking for fnaf related games like Five nights at the children's play pen or six shifts at shedletsky's…. rip

  6. Hey I just enjoyed your channel. Cool! Keep up the great work. Please check out my channel as well 🙂

  7. I forgot about number .2 I used to play it all the time

  8. thx for the video, cool!

  9. There's another one which I think you should've included in this video. It's called Nightmare in the Pizzeria. Two years ago, they made NitP2, 3 & 4. The link to those can be found in the description of the original Nightmare in the Pizzeria. They are currently making NitP:SL. I recommend you play these games, although there are a few glitches here and there.

  10. it'd be funny if u restart the audio devices and it made a windows xp startup noise

  11. Yes! It’s called week at scoops! God I loved playing as foxy & the mentally retarded guard does nothing, good times

  12. you forgot fredd fazbloxs pizza roleplay

  13. Ita a lot of the pizzeria what server?!!!

  14. I love this list all of these games are classics.

  15. to be honest number 1 goes to animatronic world who like if u agree

  16. they're not in rob lox i can't seem to find them ;-;

  17. Does anyone remember that one fnaf obby on Roblox in 2015? You know, the one with the like animtronics as your emeny? Just me?

    If you know what I mean and know where it is, give me a link. Thanks.

  18. Update (Broken) Script Fighting Stadium [Beta] pls Update JOJO pls me give Script JOJO :
    Star Platinum Over Heaven
    : @t

    Jojo stand 01 : @t

    Golden spinning clock : @t
    Golden spinning clock Beta

  19. i look for games that you can move and you can play whit other players o and be the anamatronic so not the best of games in roblox ye but i gues its nice

  20. i need to test evry single game to see if the things come

  21. They are actually gonna remake all of the Nightmare in a Pizzeria games and Week AT Scoops

  22. Update on some of these. The Nightshift Is broken. And the pizzeria was fixed and after thirty years was still remaining

  23. There was this old game I used to play in 2015 or early 2016 we had to choose a fnaf morph but it wasn't the fnaf characters. you had to kill the nightguard and it was the fnaf 2 map. i miss the game so badly but it's probably taken down. if someone sends me the link I'll subscribe to them. (if they know what I'm talking about) edit: it was week at scoops 2. game link:

  24. Does anyone know how to make your player stay still? (So like, you can move the mouse and stuff, but you cant move?)

  25. I FOUND IT 1:21 thats the first ever game that introduced me to roblox in 2015 im pretty sure i was a guest too

  26. anyone remember a game where you have to chase william into the springlock suit be the animatronics or be william? if so anyone have the link or game name?

  27. Is there a link to The Pizzeria, I can't seem to find it.

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