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Top 10 Weirdest FNAF Fan Games

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Top 10 Weirdest FNAF Fan Games
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FNAF Fan games are a cornerstone of the community. so many people express their love for this franchise by putting their own spin on it.
but not all of them can be the joy of creation or five nights at candy’s.
some of them are a little weirder than that.
And those are what we’re exploring in today’s top ten list of the Top 10 Weirdest FNAF Fan Games, let’s get counting! right here on Top 10 Gaming!

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  1. When they started talking about fnia 1 and 2 , i locked it for no reason…

  2. OMG seriously I wasn't ready for dayshift at freddy's 😅That one is my favourite fnaf fangame for the story line and the characters, I love this game so much and the fandom is cool

  3. Five nights of war basically call of duty but your fnaf characters at least it isn't a dating sim dam what the heck

  4. We just like anime what do you have against anime huh!!

  5. Purple Guy Simulator just sounds like Killer In Purple.

  6. there was five nights at fuckboys that was hella weird

  7. 5:56 ah yes the rule 34 and sometimes the most targeted for hate which is upsetting when they hate on it

  8. Connor says a fnaf love Sim came…

    Me: I kinda saw it coming though A FNaF love game was always gonna come as a fan game-
    But some of the ships are concerning-

  9. I did see a fnaf man game that never got made and I'm not sure if it's should it basically fina whit…. "those" they only needed ai since the models where already made ages ago but I'm not sure if it worth since fina did go to far whit This but then again people do sexify everything

  10. I hate day shift for the option to ask to yiff foxy Wwwwhhhhyyyy

  11. Five nights in anime is good OK it’s not bad play it ok

  12. Five nights at chum bucket Makes kinda sense because in one Episode of spongebob spongbob explode the training car

  13. Oh god were talking about Dayshift at Freddy's

  14. Connor is literally just in pain at number 1

  15. five nights in anime it's all about the booba's I love fnia

  16. I’ve seen a five nights in anime game that’s about anime shows that are in animatronic form that’s under development

  17. god why does five nights in anime exsist why!'

  18. Honestly, FNIA itself ain't too bad, it's the community that's awful. 😡

  19. I just love Connor's William Afton costume.

  20. Part of me wonders how tf Five Nights With 39 didn't make it on this list.

  21. I do not like the fact that they made a five nights at Freddy's anime, its weird and inappropriate

  22. Connors costume ins inaccurate he should have taped a piece of bread to his chest

  23. my favourite fnaf fan game is killer in purple

  24. Yall are down bad if i play the last two games

  25. The five nights at love I actually played its weird😂

  26. Amanda Looks Like Jessica Rabbit in Live Action, I like her Costume better no offence Connor

  27. Whats happening with five nights in anime is thirsty boys living in their moms basement

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