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Top 10 Scary FNAF Puppet Theories

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The puppet is one of the most popular characters in FNAF history. Being introduced in FNAF 2 this character made waves scaring generations of FNAF fans. And made it even worse in FNAF vr when walking down the hallway. But for all we know about the vessel for Charlotte, Henry’s Daughter. We have just as many questions and theories. Those are what we’re exploring today. This is the Top 10 Scary FNAF Puppet Theories.

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  1. Oh wow im early, h el l o c h e e s e k i n g –

  2. Okay, this may be a like "No sh*t Sherlock" comment, but going by the names and genders. :

    Puppet if male and
    Marionette if female.

  3. The “Hello! My name is —“ thing reminded me of “Hello, my name is Zuzie, that’s Zuzie with a Z” 😂

  4. If we're only talking about Susie and Charlie, I believe that Charlie was killed before her. It's possible that she saw one of William's blueprints and eliminated her before she could understand what it meant

  5. How could the phone guy be the indie game dev, if the dev lived in the 20th century, whereas the Phone guy died in 1993?

  6. I think that the puppet went to the pizzeria on its own probably running from lefty originally before lefty used the wristlet code

  7. Man the puppet is one of my favourite characters

  8. The FNAF vids are awesome. But so are the other videos.

  9. Chica is the 1st Puppet is Is 6st

  10. I have a video suggestion,top ten common gacha fnaf au’s

  11. I think that since they established that William was wanting to kill/built his robots to kill since the beginning, I think that maybe neither are first. Maybe there’s another group of kids who couldn’t possess the animatronics, or that got peace some other way. (Another party (maybe even parties) of kids got slaughtered). After that, baby’s pizza world or the OG place Baby was from opens, Elizabeth dies, and then maybe either William kills the 5 kids and then Charlie, or could be Charlie and then the 5 kids. (Crying child could have seen any of these events plus his sister to make him so scared). Then crying child and eventually more kids probably. (It also explains how the Funtimes could have remenant in them.)
    Just a theory or thought though.

  12. In coming home it revealed that the animatronic also have their own thing they are possessed by the spirit no doubt but the spirit can leave and the agony from the spirit allows the animatronics to act on their own at least untill the spirit are dragged back we see this with susie and chica

  13. It most likely mike in fnaf 3 setting ablaze as he was the nightguard

  14. Puppet is my favorite! Thank you so much for making this video
    I appreciate it 😀 ❤

    Btw I am pretty sure that Charlotte died first
    And susie was the first of the missing children
    I think I have seen somewhere that Charlie died 1983 while the kids went missing in 1985? I am right? I don't really know xD sorry if I am wrong

  15. I want to know what happened to the Puppet in the '93 location, I know game wise it wasn't "created" yet but now, where did it go? It couldn't have been scrapped so did it go off an hide somewhere and that's why Henry created LEFTE?

  16. This is a pretty bad theory ill acknowledge, but what if the puppet is the one keeping afton in a coma in UCN?

  17. Ok but Connor does look real fine in a suit 😤👌

  18. No, the crying child is actually shadow freddy.

  19. Marionette/ Puppet is a very intresting character.
    These theories are interesting 🤔😁

  20. I wonder if Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Streets series was the inspiration for William Afton??

  21. Well technically Shadow Freddy (me) isn’t from the fnaf universe I’m from my own universe but I chose use the shadow as the form of the fnaf universe also I was the one that started the fire at faze bear frights cause I was trying set free the other and kill William but get mike out sense I needed him alive in case his father lived

    Edit:Connor may I have some cheese 🧀 it’s dark under the pizza plex

  22. It has been years since I have heard the word “puppet”

  23. I think I can solve the bracelet issue ,the possible reasoning of my the puppet got "captured" and didn't get out of the place was most likely because she didn't want too. In the cannon ending of pizza simulator Henry speaks to the puppet (his daughter) and says that it was always in her nature to protect. Meaning that she stayed and got captured because ALL of the remaining dangerous animatronics were there.

  24. Top 10 Gaming more like Top 10 FNAF Theories.

  25. Fuq I said that she was the first to die not the other one

  26. They won't let me type in the f word but he did get to that fact before me I'm working on a Siri but it's kind of complex and it has a lot of loose threads

  27. Oh yeah I'll text that I'm wrong they won't let me type and the f word Slow Mo Guys I've been this

  28. F*** I'm just going to stop commenting now

  29. The reason why rolling killed kids is because no none of his kids liked him and no one liked them so he just wanted so he just killed him and or because of the crying child that is dead

  30. I think William killed Charlotte as revenge on Henry. Henry was Williams business partner and helped William design/build the animatronics. After the bite of 83 William blames Henry for the loss of his son, and so decides to kill charlotte as revenge

  31. What if henry's the one you shouldn't have killed. Maybe he's a robot as well or will killed him as the fire started

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