Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games | Marathon -

Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games | Marathon

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Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games | Marathon
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FNAF Fan games are terrifying. but there’s so much of them that we are never really able to play them all. But there are some that will spook you so bad that people will compliment you on your brown and yellow tie dyed pants. And those terrifying fnaf fan games are what we’re exploring today. So here are the Top 10 Terrifying FNAF Fan Games.

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  1. I think FNAF Lost & Found was scary! 🥶

  2. The scariest to be honest is Five Nights At Ronald's

  3. They never learn to stay away from these places.

  4. Yay!!! Another video, I'm sure it takes lots of work if you write a script then wow that's really a lot of work. Just letting ya know we appreciate the effort that goes into your channel!!! 😀

  5. So Michael (Mike schimdt) Follows mike Schmidt

  6. I am surprised to see "scary" fan games tbh

  7. The Joy of Creation has some pretty scary jumpscares, the scariest ones I think are the Endos from the basement (their jumpscare sound is practically deafening) and Chica in the living room and the bedroom.

  8. The twisted carnival has Rockstar Foxy's parrot be a animatronic

  9. Omg I LOVE your shirt! The dead terrorist/ Jeff Dunham is my favorite comedian!

  10. This is two videos combined into a larger video

  11. Wow are you ciding me so there are more FNAF games ?🤦

  12. I still dont get how super Fnaf 2 is scary. It’s like Mario

    But in fnaf

  13. Play Gacha and tell can't it is to scary

  14. There’s actually their names aren’t Freddy Bonnie and Chica there actually called renovated Freddy renovated

  15. im gonna say that jollibes 2 and 1 caught my eye it was really good but sadly fuziongamer never finished the gameplay

  16. I'm really surprised that's here no A Shadow Over Freddy's

  17. 5 nights at McDonald's isn't scary at all

  18. Connor Rocking That Achmed Shirt.😎😎😎

  19. What What?! Dormitabis came out before William aftons name reavel and it came out before fnaf 4?!

  20. Im waiting for a top 10 list that has something from tealerland also tealerland got its official game release this ot last year I'm pritty sure

  21. I played fnaf 1 and made it to custom night

  22. I am scared of golden Freddy and RXQFA other name for RXQFA is shadow bonnie and fun time freddy and bon bon

  23. *Sarcasm* The sheer amount of references to bowel movements and such things is positively concerning and absurd. Dear God, if everyone here is just that cowardly against a nice little bunch of rotted cartoon mildly humanoid animals, I will go outside, pick up a nice greyish rock, come back inside, and throw a rock at whomever I locate first. *Sarcasm*

  24. Bad news porkchops horror show is canceled
    Good news you can play porkchops adventure

  25. if cancelled games are included please consider sweet dreams by Luiske

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