Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games EVER -

Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games EVER

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Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games EVER
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FNAF fan games aren’t all fun and dating animatronics. Some of them are downright horrifying! And some of them are about dating animatronics… Which is horrifying in a different way. Welcome back, my fellow gamers. This is top 10 gaming and I’m your host, Amanda McKnight. Today we’ll be counting down the top 10 scary FNAF fan games EVER! At least thus far. Let’s get into it right now on Top 10 Gaming!

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  1. For me personally I'm suprised that baby's nightmare circus wasn't on this list


  3. I think the scariest fnaf fangame would be tjoc

  4. I don’t see how dating an animatronic would be horrifying, all you’d have to do is rewire their artificial brains and they would never cheat on you or kill you like any human would! 😅

  5. You mean ONE Night at Flumpty's not FIVE Nights at Flumpty's

  6. Why not do a list on the strangest fnaf fan games?

  7. i have played so many FNAF fan games it's crazy -_- but my personally fav rn is Fazer Blast Unexpected Vistors I played it before they took it down to fix bugs and glitches and it has real potential UwU

  8. Did you know treasure island is based on a creepypasta

  9. Some pretty good games sadly didn't make it to the list.
    Here are some good one's not included in the video: Jolly 3, Tearland, Final nights 4 and Fredbears fright
    Could think of more, but I don't have much time rn

  10. I knew Amanda was Batgirl
    FNAF 6 femreskshowis scary the animatronics are crazy looking

  11. could we get a video about top 10 scary friday night funkin' mods? it'd be pretty good

  12. We not gonna talk about Amanda’s amazing jacket and casual Barbara Gordon cosplay???

  13. My favorite is joy of createn: Story mode

  14. Remember me from the son of a glitch vid😁

  15. Five nights at candy's I like it'd be a true competeter to FNAF to me.

  16. One night at flumptys 3 just got released btw.

  17. TEALERLAND is sooooo good it just sucks not to much content creators covered it.

  18. I remember final nights 3 it was terrifying. I like how you had 8 bitryans footage of it.

  19. I just thought of something( five nights at eevee's)

  20. I'm actually surprised that "A Shadow Over Freddy's" by Phisnom didn't make it in this video. That was one of the most terrifying jump scares I've ever experienced. 😰

  21. Bro how could you not put dormitibis on the list 🤦

  22. Very underrated and creepy fnaf fan gam; Animator's Hell

  23. I wanna make it on this list with dinos pizza party

  24. How did you not mention Five Nights at Warios?

  25. i see a hiden message in the # tags heres what it is: fnaf securitybreach glitches

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