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Top 10 Scary FNAF Ballora Theories

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Top 10 Scary FNAF Ballora Theories
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Ballora first appears in the FNAF game sister location. She is a ballerina with a dramatic hourglass figure. Her skin is very pale and her whole form has a slightly purple-blue-ish hue. She wears a purple tutu and purple ballet shoes. Ballora also happens to be the most human-looking of all the animatronics, apart from maybe Balloon Boy, which makes her even more frightening. Today we’ll be discussing not just her appearance but some other facts that make her one of the scariest animatronics in the game as we countdown the Top 10 Scary FNAF Ballora Theories. Only on Top 10 Gaming!

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  1. I personally ballora is possessed by Mrs Afton although the other theories are really cool

  2. Random security breach theory: The arm we see that is thought to be a body for William is the Afton amalgamation from the fazbear frights epilogues? (I might be wrong but it's a thought)

  3. Ballora : is blue*
    Evryone : PurPLe ??!?!!!

    (Funtime Freddy is purple btw)

  4. I think ballora is possessed by Mrs. Emily

  5. I know this might be stupid and might not even be true but what if the mystery anamatronic in the new fnaf game was ballora

  6. I wouldn't put it passed Circus Baby to have manipulated Ballora in some fashion, especially with her Song and her lines in Sister Location. Also, does anyone know why Michael's eyes were Ballora's color and not Ennard's or Baby's when Ennard took over his body?

  7. I dont think miss afton posseses ballora i think she might have desighned ballora's look

  8. Based off the last theory there might be a small chance that William "entered" Ballora when using her as a companion

  9. The lyric "An empty tomb" would be a reference to Elizabeth I think because there was no body she simply just "disappeared" in her eyes [Assuming she did not know] while with CC they had a body to show his death.

  10. Personally I think ballora would be a best mother figure

  11. Ballora is William afton's wife and why her eyes are closed is because William Afton showed her as blind to how important his work is because he shut his self out of social life to make these animotronics

  12. 🦋kanao tsuyuri🦋(elizabeth afton) says:

    The real ballora is clara afton or miss.afton

  13. Plus circus baby’s eyes are blue but they turn green like Elisabeth afton

  14. Ballora is a beautiful animatronic and a amazing dancer

  15. My theory on Mrs. Afton is that she died of broken heart syndrome after lossing both Crying Child and Elisabeth.

  16. Do yall even know what sister location is cause she sings dancing alone instead of your nonsense

  17. I don’t know why but I think Mrs.Afton is ballora 🤔

  18. My favourite animatronic is withered bonnie

  19. Bruh these thumbnails get gradually more cringe.

  20. Imagine wearing flip-flops in the Ballora Gallery…

  21. i Think william built a robot after elizabeth got scooped. As it let him discover possesion
    incase he died im agony he could posses stuff. I think the faZbear centre thingy was there since circus babys pizza world opened with the robot in it (this is most likely wromg ok?)

  22. Fnaf at Freddy's is this we're you want to be fnaf at Freddy's duhduhduhduhduuhdudududusubeeew (dumb jumpscarre

  23. I Have A gta Creepypasta I would like for you to read.

  24. Ballora is Elizabeth’s mom because her soul is a parent called Clara Acton aka miss Afton oh and Elizabeth is circus baby.

  25. 1:27 makes no sense because William designed theses animatronics to kill kids

  26. Ballots is possessed her name is Clara Afton and she has 3 children the crying child aka Chris next is Elizabeth and them micheal is the oldest he worked at sister location

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