TOP 10 Roblox FNAF Games 2021 -

TOP 10 Roblox FNAF Games 2021

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TOP 10 Roblox FNAF Games of 2021

List of Games in comments!

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  1. How do I play it on Xbox it only comes up with nothing found

  2. Honestly, TPRR is a GREAT game, the only criticism I have about the game would probably be the lack of character animations and designs, but that’s pretty understandable since they have 300 different characters, 10/10!

  3. how sad that most of these games are dead

  4. Awesome video!! I am really surprised aftons family diner wasn’t on the list!!

  5. Is ok the vídeo but i dont like RP games

  6. Gallant gaming can i add friend you in roblox

  7. I'm surprised that fnaf ultimate roelplay isn't on this

  8. what about roblox fnaf support requested? It's fun, nothing too original though, still fun…

  9. its feb now this comment is on feb 5

  10. bet you can't play any of these games on xbox

  11. Altough i like TPRR it takes a long time for me to get in the game

  12. only 2 months ago when i watched u, u had 2k subs!

  13. Number 9 isn't fnaf but it looks like fnaf but its free + the name is Five nights at candys I hope you notice this!

  14. If archived nights had FNAF 1-8 and more that game would be the best it would be like FNAF roleplay put better with its quality and more
    Well the FNAF roleplay animation are ok but not so good as the other games but if there quality gets better it will be awesome

  15. You know I thought fredbears mega roleplay was gonna be one of them.

  16. bro, how are none of these real games. these are all rp's
    all you do in rp's is walk around. thats it

  17. Fnaf game of roblox is 80% rp 19% tycoon and 1% is playable and horror bruh i want more playable horror.ROLEPLAY is kinda bored and most people doesn't really roleplay

  18. i also favorite the top 1 i think i played it before you your voice is charming and I think that you deserve a follow

  19. because scary story behind in animatronic world

  20. i give this video a 0/10 of originality because its mostly(or all) just roleplays

  21. Can’t argue with the winner but i think you should check out fnaf support requested! It’s really good, you can play fnaf 1, 2, 3, animatronic factory, dark rooms, parts and services, vent repair and night terrors!

  22. All of these games deserve to be on this list. They all have so much content and detail.

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