Top 10 Oddest FNAF Fan Games Of All Time -

Top 10 Oddest FNAF Fan Games Of All Time

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Top 10 Oddest FNAF Fan Games Of All Time
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Fan games are your way of expressing your love for the FNAF Series. Some of you make simple fan games that just shake things up, some of you make your own stories and characters and use the fnaf formula. But there there’s the tiny group of you that makes some interesting fan games. And those are what we’re exploring today’s top ten list of the Top 10 Oddest FNAF Fan Games Of All Time. Let’s do it right here on Top 10 Gaming!

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  1. my uncle played a game called five nights at federal prison

  2. Cool new vid.

    If ya think that five nights in the car ( sorry if that was wrong) then try Feev Neeghts at Blees Clees. I think Markiplier play it on one one of his “Fnaf fan games” videos.

  3. Me And My Classmates Made Our Own Fnaf Game But Its Not A Game

  4. Hey technically it's the same thing but killer in purple 1 and 2 by golden Freddy cinama are 2 great games check them out

  5. So my peep grammar first be in cops hands and I love William you even dare say William died this video and I watched it fully and you even dare say something about that I promise you I will find your house see you you will be there you are there I will show William Afton style and murder you and probably I’ll hide you ever in tanoree stop this videos about complaining about my favorite character in awesome talk about Willie Mathis finally but Laura or anyone I like you will probablyYou probably be dead also remember what I say you have one chance don’t ruin for your help or some people are a fan of you so be careful what you say

  6. ay was that just me or did he do the eddievr thing?

  7. And I guess the next one is chica simulator and I guess you’re in love with William because he talk to him

  8. Fnia is not ment to be taken seriously I heard the game got remastered and I still play it…. When my parents or other adult family members are not around

  9. 👍👍🤎🤎😎😎

  10. I can't believe Five Nights On The Toilet isn't shown here

  11. Someone please tell me what the fnaf novels are called

  12. I knew it I scan everything and I know you do start

  13. Are we allowed to ship Gregory with Gregory is that allowed?

  14. Just wanted to mention since Ive heard quite a bit about it. All Chicas aside rockstar are yellow. Yellow chickens are literally chics (immature chickens or otherwise kid chickens). Again, just qanted to point that out.

  15. The FNaF Dating Sim. Isn't supposed to be taken seriously. It actually follows some lore from FNaF too.

  16. Fnia is the worst FNaF fan game and nobody can change my mind. Like seriously why does people even play it? Are they that ⱨøɽ₦ɏ? Why does this fan game exists? Even if it's a 'joke' or not it's still so weird and so wrong in many different levels. It's also cringe, especially when people make gacha reaction videos or fanarts. I want to bleach my eyes… 😭💀
    Also idc if it's not meant to be taken seriously (or a joke) it's still so weird and disturbing. If kids would ever see/play this game then their childhood would be definitely ruined.

  17. Wait, KFC has a dating sim?! Can I get freaky with Colonel Sanders?! Shut up and take my money!!!!!


  19. Five nights at the car….you've got to be kidding me 🤣

  20. The FNaF Dating Simulator and Dating themed games are kinda scary but also hilarious because I can't take them seriously-

    Also the way Connor said Love scared me-

  21. They already made of purple guy simulator in VR and it’s the same thing except for VR

  22. The bonnie simulator creators already made a bonnie simulator 2 a chica simulator and foxy simulator

  23. People love the five nights at anime cause you die by snoo snoo

  24. Honestly Bonnie simulator sounds fun (Bonnie is my favorite Fnaf character and I ship him with chica)

  25. I can’t help but notice fine nights at F boys isn’t here.

    It should be

  26. The way you said that you wanted to be William afton in virtual reality is a bit incriminating.

  27. Aye honestly i would love to play five nights at anime 1/2 but it looks good in my opinion

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