Top 10 Most PowerFul Animatronics From Each Fnaf Games -

Top 10 Most PowerFul Animatronics From Each Fnaf Games

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  1. They should make a fnaf fighting simulator where the animatronics fight each other

  2. Мой самый любимый аниматроник из фнафа 1 Золотой Фредди,из фнафа 2 Фокси и игрушечный Бонни,из фнафа 3 Фредди,из фнафа 4 Бонни, хеловинский Манго,из фнаф 5 Фокси,из фнаф 6 Чика, из фнаф 9 воспитатель и Фредди

  3. You forgot map bot he rips you out of freddy chest

  4. when will people realize that nightmares are unreal

  5. Agree with all except burntrap but thank you so much for not putting scraptrap for fnaf 6

  6. The blob is better than all of the SB animatronics

  7. I mean true but Funtime Freddy is pretty aggressive I mean he literally needs bonbon to calm him down

  8. Fnaf story is very sad 😓
    Nobody can see the reality behind that

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