Top 10 Most PowerFul Animatronics From Each Fnaf Games -

Top 10 Most PowerFul Animatronics From Each Fnaf Games

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  1. Fnaf 1: Golden Freddy
    Fnaf 2: Puppet, Golden Freddy
    Fnaf 3: Springtrap
    Fnaf 4: Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmarionne, Nightmare
    Fnaf SL: Encarar
    Pizzaria Simulator: Letty, Scraptrap
    Ultimate Custom Night: Golden Freddy
    Fnaf SB: Burntrap, Blob

  2. Blob is better than burntrap he killed/took him to another dimension

  3. Fnaf 1 golden freddy Fnaf 2 shadow bonnie he can littery crash your gameFnaf 3 springtrap hes the only one that can kill youFnaf 4 nightmareFnaf SL enardFnaf 6 pizzeria simulator lefty/scraptrap į think its lefty because he can go to the vents whitout having to be in the alley Fnaf SB burntrap he can make freddy evilFnaf help wanted glitchtrapUcn i dont even know Let me know

  4. Djtneidjtbwieifbtbwjsijfbtbtjeiwjrbheeh says:

    Didn’t moondrop knock Freddy down then drag him

  5. Bro Golden Freddy is weak. She is intangible so she can’t directly attack. And to beat her you just need to block off you’re view of her

  6. Golden freddy is obviously the most powerful, as they’re possessed by the vengeful spirit.

  7. Golden freddy is fnaf 2
    Scraptrap is fnaf 6

  8. Don’t think tHese are strongest in fnaf history it’s games edition

  9. Ok just that the puppet gave life to the animatronics doesn't mean that she is the most powerful one like golden freedy has to be the most powerful in fnaf 2 and scrap trap has to be the most powerful in fnaf 6.

  10. Fnaf 2 is puppet bro what about shadow bonnie and shadow Freddy no hate btw

  11. Bro shadow freddy strongest fnaf 2 and scraptrap fnaf 6 and sercurity breach is only burntrap AND ONLY NIGHTMARE THE STRONGEST!!!

  12. I think fnaf 6 strongest animatronic was Molten Freddy

  13. i type fast cuz im better im stronger im smarterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  15. Recap on the most cap in history number one this video

  16. I feel like the blob is more power fuel then go Freddy

  17. They should make a fnaf fighting simulator where the animatronics fight each other

  18. Мой самый любимый аниматроник из фнафа 1 Золотой Фредди,из фнафа 2 Фокси и игрушечный Бонни,из фнафа 3 Фредди,из фнафа 4 Бонни, хеловинский Манго,из фнаф 5 Фокси,из фнаф 6 Чика, из фнаф 9 воспитатель и Фредди

  19. You forgot map bot he rips you out of freddy chest

  20. when will people realize that nightmares are unreal

  21. Agree with all except burntrap but thank you so much for not putting scraptrap for fnaf 6

  22. The blob is better than all of the SB animatronics

  23. I mean true but Funtime Freddy is pretty aggressive I mean he literally needs bonbon to calm him down

  24. Fnaf story is very sad 😓
    Nobody can see the reality behind that

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