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Top 10 Great FNAF Fan Games

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Top 10 Great FNAF Fan Games
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You know what, with your favourite Fazbear fanverse initiative on the horizon we might as well bring you some more of your favourite fan games right? You’re goddamn right. Today we’re talking some games that while they may not be the most horrifying, will definitely entertain you and provide a good bit of fun for you on those lazy sunday afternoons. So those fan games are what we’re exploring in today’s top ten list of the Top 10 Great FNAF Fan Games. Let’s do it right here on Top 10 Gaming!

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  1. A FNAF multiverse in multiverses the same things happen with small changes or big changes like fan game so FNAF is earth one and all the mutiverses come after that so games more similar and earths more near earth 1 and more different ones are further away and all of the games have killer animatronics and have a William Afton or Scott in some way so this would be a way to connect all of the FNAF games so in conclusion FNAF, all of the cannon and uncannon FNAF games by Scott games and fan games are all a MULTIVESE. my case rest

  2. God damn man all these fnaf vids it must be rough asf

  3. Mark is the king and u are the king of the top 10

  4. Scott Cawthon is the FNAF king. No cap

  5. Awwww man I was hoping that he would mention fredbear and friends

  6. A youtuber named CoryxKenshin played t-joc-r

  7. Flumpty is my favorite fan game forever

    no matter how psychopathic the characters are

    my favorite character is Blam

  8. I've never liked one night at flumpty's that much. Only because theres that clown and i have coulrophobia. So after discovering that i promised myself to never even try to think of that game

  9. this fnaf fan-games lists starting to be a bit repetitive… why not to wait till the promising new ones came out? (grizzly 2, JR's, ect…)

  10. I think if there was a reward for the fnaf king I think you’d have it

  11. Bruh you guys are dumb the king of fnaf is Scott Cawthon

  12. I think the king five nights at Freddy‘s is the YouTuber Alan Vanscoy

  13. My favorite fan game is fnia 3D is a sussy game

  14. I- I found this for havoc chica… TW
    She is possessed by a spirit named Maria. According to the extras menu, Havoc Chica has long arms . This likely implies she was held in place by Garvey with her arms outstretched so he could rape her.

  15. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤬🤬🤬🤬😅😅😅😅😰😰😰😰😌

  16. If you can beat the game you should be the FNAF king

  17. pov: you dont like the fangames he said but one that u already played

  18. bruh you put up fnaf:sb while taking about fnaf:hw

  19. you forgot five night at sonic mania maniac

  20. 10: Fnac
    9: St: sewers
    8: Onaf
    7: Tjoc
    6: dormitabis
    5: Fn 3: Nightmares awoken
    4: Super fnaf
    3: Bonnie simulater 2
    2: Popgoes
    1: A shadows over Freddys

  21. Bro who the hell edits these videos, showing a flumptys character when you mention a Final Nights character, and showing Security breach instead of help wanted. How much do you pay your editors.

  22. bro markiplier sucks,king of fnaf who doesnt care about lore,matpat gotta be the king about literally everything,from the game theorists

  23. Me: your the king till the true king walks though the door
    Markiplier: hello everyone my name is Markiplier
    Me: top 10 gaming you were king for about 2.5 seconds

  24. the fnaf king is matpat most defiantly becaouse he does all this work for just one f—-g video

  25. Pretty sure the “fnaf king” is already taken by markiplier

  26. It's crazy to think this awkward kid is getting 32k views on any video.

  27. i just realised that you used exact words from wikipedia for domitibis

  28. Connor you're the fnaf king, don't worry

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