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Top 10 FNAF Gaming Theories | Marathon

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Top 10 FNAF Gaming Theories | Marathon
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This FNAF Theory is about security breach and it’s proper timeline placement. Okay, so a couple videos ago I suggested that thanks to the FNAF AR email dates, that security breach if Vanny was supposed to be possessed that It would in fact have to come before fnaf 3. And while some of you were accepting and appreciative of that theory, many people seemed should I say, hesitant to accept my ideas and proposed that I “actually do some research”. So I did, and im here to say that I found it Circus Baby. This is the top ten list of the Top 10 FNAF Gaming Theories | Marathon ! Let’s do it right now on Top 10 Gaming!

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  1. Wait… FNaF 2 came out 87 DAYS later than FNaF 1LOL

  2. How can a soul get out of a animatronic soot

  3. The afton family house and curse of dread bear have something in common well the car during the experience is the car were clara killed her self and when you look up on the hill were the afton house is glitchtrap/william afton dances around the house and william afton created the nightmare animotronics

  4. †꧁实体3030꧂† 𝐈𝐬 𝐆𝐨𝐝 says:


  5. I hope, at the end of this franchise, we get a documentary of the plot and it worked.

  6. This is nice to relook at and Top 10 gaming, watch out people are attacking you for "stealing" a person's vid for the top 10 things you miss in poppy playtime

  7. You know its a good day when you get a new vid from top 10

  8. Top 10 game I won't stop into you answered my question do you know Joe

  9. I also have a fact about FNAF 4 and I did research on it. My best friend asked me do I know who Lucifer is an I told her no an she told me well do so research so I followed her advice and did research so basically Lucifer is golden Freddy with Cassidy and they usually switch between nights in FNAF 2

  10. I had a nightmare today but I made a bad decision today

  11. Scott confirmed fnaf4 takes place in a hospital

  12. I think chica is the one we shouldn't of killed

  13. I enjoy 😊 this long video I watch the whole video it was cool 😎 Connor love all you guys five nights at Freddy’s videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Both William Afton and Michael Afton ( Mike Schmidt)
    1. William Afton went somewhere in room backstage William Afton purple guy wearing mask and clothing (freddy Fazbear,springbonnie, glamrock freddy some Monty or not and Glitchtrap) kids thinks robot (he's not robot) William Afton fooled kids.
    2. Mike Schmidt mean (hated people, kids) Mike Schmidt trying gave him foxy have problems why because Michael afton ( Mike Schmidt) did it.
    Mike Schmidt wanted foxy kills kid. (Foxy did not killed kid dead)

  15. Seemed Kid mask alligator Monty's yellow Glasses

  16. In Fnaf 6 there's a pickle jar. 4 pickles in front, 1 behind. The pickle jar is unavailable but if you purchase it you can get 1 happiness.
    In the Fnaf 3 bad end, their spirits aren't put to rest. Aka, happiness is unavailable.
    The pickle that's behind is on the left.
    In the bad end the animatronic that's behind is on the right, Golden Freddy's.
    2 perspectives, 2 spirits for GF.

  17. Fnaf 4 Bonnie Glade plays a bigger role with nightmare and Just remember about popgoes created to printed blackrabbit and after Bonnie possessed by shadow Bonnie & Toy Bonnie

  18. The Mike in into the pit is different from Michael Afton based on the fact Mike from into the pit has dark skin tone according to the story.

  19. This dude thinks everyones hallucinating

  20. By the the Fnaf 3 has to come before sister location as the spring trap cutscene at the end of sl show fazbare fright is burnt down

    My idea of a time line is 4,3,sl,2(night 7 and custom),1,6,ucn,vr

  21. I think it’s into the pit they are 1985 is somewhat just a reference to back to the future because the movie came out and takes place in 1985 and Oswald uses a ball pit to time travel

  22. what if the nightmares werent just a figment of imagination i mean sure nightmare fred bear does say this time there is more than an illusion to fear but what if he meant not himself but just referring to his appearence as an illusion you there are perception altering sound disks in the series

  23. What if Vanessa is Elizabeth, the only evidence I have for this is her eyes and her last name starting with an A, but it's interesting food for thought though.

  24. No nothing of Midnight Motorists work as a flashback from Mike's perspective considering he wouldn't have seen Orange Guy stop by JRs or hearing or seeing him walk around the back of the house to find the foot prints and the broken window unless Orange Guy wanted the "memory" to flow better so he did a little bit of editing

  25. I believe Andrew is crying child that possessing in Golden Freddy. Because Andrew is the possessing latch on to William. FNAF is most confusing story. 😆

  26. Fnaf 4 is scientificly impossible he got his frontier lobe bit off which make the crying child. Not care nor scared so we are playing. As michael afton

  27. I knew there was only one spirit in Golden Freddy… And also my dream or vision says it's the crying child :p

  28. Its crazy how passionate people in this community get about their theories.the toxicity in some of these comments are extremely unsettling.

    Anyway! I wanna say that I've been binging your videos lately and loved every single one of them. I've enjoyed learning about the lore so thank you for that! And thank you for making these fnaf videos And fnaf sister location is my favourite in the series.ALSO MARKIPLIER AND MATPAT ARE BOTH CANNON AND MARKIPLIER COULD BE WILLIAM!!

  29. CC sole whas in Mike in fanf 6 fire CC sole got in Wiliam before CC sole is remnent of toy enamatreoikcs

  30. I do agree with the lack of Michaels room being good evidence but I will say that some houses to have doors leading to hallways (mine) and my house is from about that time

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