Top 10 Five Nights At Freddy's Differences Between the Games and Movie -

Top 10 Five Nights At Freddy’s Differences Between the Games and Movie
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One thing this video game adaptation gets right is the scares. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re looking at how the 2023 “Five Nights at Freddy’s” movie differs from the games. Our countdown of the differences between the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” movie and video game includes The Timeline, Mike’s Brother, A Friendlier Freddy, and more! Do you think these changes were for the better or worse? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. "While this works well in the games, it might get old in the movie"

    Adult FNAF Fans: seething

  2. Fnaf lore is a shitshow. I appreciate the movie rewriting it to be somewhat coherent.

  3. 1:35 during that time stamp, I’m sure the taser and the “electrocute” bit came from Sister location as a reference when you need to supply an electric shock.

  4. I enjoyed the film it was not perfect but it was fun seeing any references to the source material

  5. I swear this whole video just seems like it was voiced and written by AI
    With the flat voice and the factually incorrect statements

  6. Well, seeing how the games I played five nights at Freddy’s one through four and sister location completely and utterly sucked so bad they were awful. The changes in the movie were awesome I guess.

  7. Mathew Lillard being Will Afton is the best casting anyone can do.

  8. I never realized his name was Mike Schmidt, let’s go Phillies

  9. Honestly not a hc fan but played the games.

    This was good enough. This ain't an Avengers movie. Take it or leave it
    I'll take it

  10. You can strike back against the animatronics in “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach” by using either a laser tag gun or a camera with a flash. It’ll stun them for a few seconds.

  11. Vannessa is the movie's version of Michael Afton. The movie's version of Charly Emily is prob Garrett, so since they both are changed, Henry Emily might not exist, and the guy trying to stop Afton is going to be Mike Schmidt

  12. Weird how our new Shaggy Rogers is also the man in a mask in 2 horror movies lol

  13. The biggest difference between the games and the movie is the games are scary, fun, and entertaining. The movie on the other hand is not true to source material, not scary, not entertaining, and the acting was horrific, especially by the actor who thought he was playing Afton. I mean that is probably one of the worst acting interpretations from game to screen I have ever seen. How stupid that they even had him do a Scooby doo bad guy revel, you could see it coming from a mile away. This movie is poorly executed, poorly casted, and just a total wash.

  14. Video game reference accurate to games but thats ok

  15. To all the people who are criticizing the movie for differing from the games a bit, need I remind you that Scott Cawthon (creator of FNAF) wrote the screenplay and produced it…and also has been involved with the movie since it was in development hell.

  16. Love your video and I like the FNAF movie

  17. Bro I'm happy we got a FnaF movie. It felt like FnaF to movie honestly. I was expecting the timeline and lore to be different from the games, same as the books.

  18. The writing for this movie was sooo bad. There are so many things i wanna bring up but for now im gonna just say this.

    they try spending most of the movie portraying the dead kids as the good innocent ones when they not only killed a group of ppl just for a petty crime but then they try killing a little girl just cause they want to play with her forever! And dont get me started on mike who literally almost let them take her cause he was so stuck on the sibling he already lost

  19. William Afton is Mike's and Garrett's biological father

    Garrett is the crying child

    Aftons wife divorced him, remarried and had a daughter, Abby.

    Afton kept their daughter Elizabeth and changed her name to Vanessa. Also changing his name.

    This will come out in the sequel movies as Mike trys to stop his father again. And then his sister Vanessa/Elizabeth when she goes the way of the father.


  21. The suit Abby almost gets stuffed into isn't Baby. It's Ella

  22. im kinda surprised how well u guys got the lore down lol

  23. Even though there is no connection between the movie and the game, we want people who have never played it to better understand the story of this game, which has a story with 9 games. The story is not the same, but there are similar connections. I think it ranks first among the best movies made in 2023.

  24. The movie was honestly boring and lack a lot of the horror elements

  25. Garrett is the Marionette. Calling it now. Btw we do actually see Purple Guy when Mike is chasing the "kidnapper" in the mall.

  26. You NEVER mentioned NOT using the TOREADOR MARCH music in the entire DAMN movie

  27. Just One Fact yall need corrected: The animatronic Abby almost gets stuffed into is Not Circus Baby. It is actually a reference to Ella a doll mentioned throughout the FNAF books

  28. So Five Nights at Freddy's 3 was set THIS YEAR!?

  29. I really enjoyed the movie. I think a lot of the changes were a good choice as it made the movie more interesting whereas otherwise the would get repetitive

  30. I’ve been looking forward to see Michael Afton in the film…
    Hope to see him in sequels, but there’s not very much fortune for this…

  31. To people who don't know…. Movie universe is it's own thing. Game has It's own canon

  32. Missed opportunity. It should have started with Freddy's at its peak and the kidnappings begin. Then we watch Freddy and the gang come to life ending with the closure of Freddy's. "We're going to need some extra security." But this movie made Freddy and the gang non-threats. We know almost immediately they only hurt bad people and they are brainwashed kids. So: no threat to the protagonist. The game has more scares and stakes. Another idea would be to follow the books. Make it where a group finds Freddy's in the middle of nowhere, all covered up and abandoned. Trap 'em inside. Let the fun ensue. But no. We got a competently made but altogether vanilla, PG, witless, humorless, scare-less after-school special. Imagine if it had been made like Gremlins or Poltergeist.

  33. I still think they desperately should’ve made this movie R :/

  34. The movie and video game same rating PG-13 and T for teen.

  35. The games never interested me but thoroughly enjoyed the movie that 80s songs been stuck in my head since i watched it great choice lyrically "sleeping in the night" goes well wihh mikes dreams

  36. I actually like this movie and sort of my brothers. I also heard rumors that there’s a sequel coming out.

  37. i personally have a love hate relationship with the movie. i like how it pays homage to each of the fnaf games, but it seemed like it was more inspired by fnaf than actually being based off it. if it were more canonically accurate i would've enjoyed it a lot more. hopefully if they make a sequel they'll try the mirror the lore a little more

  38. Hey Guys! I've never played the games but watched several of Markiplier's videos and loved them! And personally, I loved the movie!
    Is there anything I am missing? Is there any Easter eggs or missing pieces that I should see in the movie related to the games? And where can I find the video games easily?

  39. Even if they changed it here & there still is a much better adaptation from the resident evil movies!

  40. It’s funny in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 the phone guy said someone used a spare yellow suit just before the animatronics started malfunctioning and fans thought Golden Freddy is the fifth murdered child but in the movie the fifth child is the cupcake animatronic like Scott said “Golden Freddy is just a hallucination he can’t explain him”

  41. I still can't believe the animatronics were provided by the Jim Henson Company…

  42. The 'animatronic that resembles Circus Baby' is Ella from the Silver Eyes books series. They're different animatronics.

  43. Guys. That's the Ella doll. Not Circus Baby. The Ella's doll is from the Silver Eyes book Canon and the Fazbear Frights books.

  44. I still can’t believe FNAF 3 takes place this year.

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