Top 10 Best Parody FNAF Fan Games! -

Top 10 Best Parody FNAF Fan Games!

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Top 10 Best Parody FNAF Fan Games!
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  1. I think marsu stoped making those games. Not sure

  2. *Dave's devilish ditty plays* hello there old sport

  3. And I laughed when you said it but good thing you bleep it this is how I laughed HA AH HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

  4. I N H A L E M Y D O N G E N R A G M E N T C H I L D

  5. Half of the entries I don't agree with, but I will admit the other half of them I do think deserve to be on. Five Nights In Anime, Five Nights With 39, Cluck Yegger, One Night At Flumpty's and Those Nights At Rachel's 2. But this video isn't really bad personally, I just don't fully agree with all of the choices.

  6. Why does nobody include five nights at pinkies?!! That's all I'm asking for!!!!

  7. So that’s why I got a space quest feel from cluck yeggar ah the dos era was insane back when we had to buy really expensive sound cards in order to hear something

  8. I'll tell you now, Five Nights at F—boys 2 on critical mode while trying to beat every bonus boss is the literal WORSE, because you only can be Toy Freddy and you have to fight Shadow Bonnie who can 1 hit you btw while you have no instant healing pizzas, just large pizzas. Like jesus I still havent beat it, but one day I will, trust me

  9. Even if it’s ‘funny’, I still absolutely hate Five Nights In Anime. In my opinion, it really ruins the characters we know.


  11. 1:29
    more like:FIVE NIGHTS AT SMG4!!!!or F.N.A.S.M.G.4 (five nights at super mario glichy 4)

  12. Let me be honest here. Almost all of five nights with 39 is just b o r I n g. The only funny bit is the fap bit and the YouTube video of the fap. That’s it.

  13. I don't have a top 10 for this since I don't really play FNAF.

    But if I were to have a favorite parody fangame, it would probably be Five Nights with Bud. It's all tongue and cheek, the whole setup and types of characters is utterly silly and we get some voice work from the always talented Game Salmon. What's not to like?

  14. FNIA isn't sexy or a parody in my opinion, it's just really misogynistic. The dev literally made all of the male characters female in order to sexualize them, that right there is absolutely terrible. I'm really glad that like 95% of the fnaf community hates those games.

  15. My question is where you got the office in the thumbnail from

  16. In day shift at freddys look up at the price section thats chuck e cheese 🤣🤣🤣😂

  17. My Favorite fnaf parody fangame is Five Nights at Bear bear

  18. Play Play five nights at Freddy’s security breach.

  19. Logan The Dark King Mega Rizardon XY says:

    I love the DSaF series and The Joy of creation: Story Mode and also Five Nights with 39 was the first funny fnaf fan game i saw also I got the dsaf reference in Five nights with 39 when he said "yiff the fox you sick f*cks" and also I like the Five nights at f boys. But the fnaf fangames I hate are all the TRTF series and Five nights of flirting, don't ask me why

  20. fun fact about FNIA:it was made by a youtuber name Mairusu who records undertale videos which is the only thing i know because i firsted watched him playing undertale

  21. The greatest FNAF fan game is feev neets at blees clees

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