Top 10 BEST FNAF Fan Games! -

Top 10 BEST FNAF Fan Games!

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I have played dozens of FNAF fan games across 380+ videos! It’s time to decide which are the Top 10 BEST FNAF Fan Games!
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  1. In dormitarbis havoc puppets heads the top half of it's mask

  2. I’m just now now for naff world was made from the same creator and five nights at Freddy’s so that’s not a rip off it’s just one of the games that my name

  3. But no offense about online thing
    And also finance world where that game no offense for that being

  4. For the next fnaf fan games
    Sinister turmoil sewers
    Five nights at candys remastered
    Final nights 4
    Overnight 2
    And five nights at baldis

  5. Five Nights At Treasure Island 2020 can now be added to this list…that game is nightmare fuel, but also very fun to play

  6. i actually like tyke and sons lumber co its a really cary game!

  7. Him: Oh and uh this game is apparently based off of the filipino version
    Mang Inasal ad appears

  8. Is this funny games or crazy games 😆😆😆

  9. Theres this game im trying to find where at the starting you see chica through the door than the door falls down on you you have to keep hiding from her then you find freddy with a lever on his back you need to twist thats all i remember about plz help its in a house to

  10. Me:clicking on the vid
    5 mins later*
    Omg I have dem ALLLLLLLL

  11. when i heard "jollibee was a filipino version of dennis" bro jollibee's menus/food tastes so fucking good

  12. fnac 3 The Puppet guy Is actually "Monster Vinnie"

  13. Uwu I liked and subscribed yo video. 🐰 🙂


  15. I love jolly……… and killer robots

  16. I’m not TOO familiar with the FNAF fan games with the exception of flumpty’s, MLP, spongebob, Disney, and VeggieTales. In other words, I didn’t know there were so many fan games for this fandom.

  17. it's a shame that we never got dormitabis 2, because of the creator being uhhh…

  18. I was just thinking about this like it seemed like along time ago it was just 1 game Now it turned into a crazy storyline

  19. My best fnaf game was dayshift at nights freddy THE BESTST GALE EVER but I SPENDED LIKE 10 HOURS but its the end i have played it out im crying whyyy

  20. i can agree with a shadow over freddy's i played the game once for my facebook and deleted it the next day, it was scary!!

  21. My favourite is Dayshift at freddy's (dont ask why please) but all of these in the video are so awsome too!

  22. Not gonna lie, one night at flumpties (sorry if I spelled it wrong) but ya, it's made by scott so… Idk if it's a fan game

  23. the joy of creation is a very scary game but also very cool

  24. They need to make Fnaf fan game about monster animatronics

  25. but for some reason i cant play it iwhen its done it shows a cone? when i open it its just a video

  26. It’s funny how people are asking why there wasent a phanthom Bonnie well..
    S p r I n g. B u t t

  27. r.i.p five nights at bubbles, my fnaf fan game that got glitched out and deleted.. it was in scratch but it still took time and the main animatronic and cutscenes looked really cool, even if it kinda had a bad game mechanic.. I have come here for motivation lol
    wish me luck lol

  28. people talking about TJOC:Story Mode but i don't even know how to play it considering its a zip file

  29. fun fact : one night at flumptys was created by scott watson

  30. I hope you enjoyed this video! It took forever to put together! 😅 Make sure you LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new! ❤️🐟

    Edit: This is a list of games that I’ve “played.” There are some amazing games out there (Super FNAF, Dayshift, etc) that probably would have made this list but I couldn’t include them. Maybe in the future after covering more FNAF games, I’ll make another video with an updated order!

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