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Title Screen | How To Make A FNAF Game In Scratch | Ep 1

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Hope this series will help you!

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  1. what font used in wallpaper of the video of the HOW TO MAKE A FNAF GAME what is this font of letter?

  2. how to use the static??

    it wont come in my backpack

  3. I wish he showed me how to put the static on the game i tried so many things i can thin of

  4. i like how you call the ugly man beautiful

  5. Thank u very much this helped me i didn't do the static since idk how but i know how to make the play button grow and make yellowbear my animatronic look scary time to time

  6. I have a problem with the play button, it keeps on jittering when I hover my mouse over it. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Finally. A how to make a fnaf fan game tutorial that doesn’t bust open my ears with blood. I can tell you’re talented as this really helped

  8. hey man nice vid but i have a downloaded scratch i cant find the backpack and when i downloaded the static it showed only one like picture thingy in costumes what should i do?

  9. If downloading static doesn't work then search up camera static then go to images and scroll down. You'll find actual static from sister location

  10. How do you get the static into your backpack??

  11. finally a fnaf scratch tutorial that has an real end to it like I mean they finish the game

  12. why do we have to make GREENFLAG when we already have one

  13. make a tutorial to how to make a beat up game

  14. it also keeps moving my play button to the corner of my animatronic

  15. i just started making games and this is rlly confusing it always puts everything in the corner

  16. I'm confused on how I add the static, it doesn't do anything when I try to add it can someone please help ne

  17. how can you put something in your backpack i dont know

  18. to get the static u need the online version bcuz of the back pack. go onto the scratch website, go to sign in and fill in your details. hope this helps!

  19. I dont know how to put the static file into scratch, can anybody help?

  20. ur super talanted my game looks reallynice i really like this toturiel to becouase ur not screaming blood out my ears

  21. wait how do I add the static to the backpack

  22. bruh I made mine five nights with afton and I used that weird purple guy hoax animatronic from fnaf 2

  23. Thank you so much! This has really helped me

  24. There’s so much fucking instructions I want to die

  25. im making a five nights at imposter test just a demo

  26. how do you make the static go in your backpack

  27. somehow I made a japan bunny doll vers.
    and thx it was helpful

  28. I made in ipad but I like when my botton move like glitch cuz it scary right? So thank you

  29. how do you put the static in your backpack? i don't understand.

  30. That not five noght at freddy, it five night at ugly

  31. In my opinion your tutorials are more helpful then griffpatches

  32. Thanks For the vid Deku! I loved this tutorial and the jokes along the way. Your vids are 100% better than Griffpatches. Now don't let Bakugo find out about this he'll Bomb you-

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