THIS TERRIFYING FNAF GAME IS BACK. | Tealerland (FNAF Fan-Game) - Full Release -

THIS TERRIFYING FNAF GAME IS BACK. | Tealerland (FNAF Fan-Game) – Full Release

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Welcome back finally to Tealerland, a really unique and scary FNAF fan-game that I had to play once the full release dropped! In Tealerland, we break into an abandoned amusement park and head deep underground to dig up some old relics. Turns out, they’ve been alive this whole time..

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  1. I’m still waiting for Ryan to play totally accurate battle simulator again 🙁

  2. Ryan you should play the game Omori its a really good game and it gives some undertale vibes too


  4. Is that the RE7 menu music in the background?

  5. It's been a long time since I watch Ryan playing fnaf…

  6. Among us is NOT over, Ryan! play the vs imposter Friday Night Funkin Mod….

  7. hhey 8 bit ryan, we got a new fnf mod called d sides you should try it out, besides it also updated yesterday and now, we got sicker song and bullet shots

  8. You got to Play Maneater or just got a big update I know you didn't play for a while but you got to play it

  9. r y a n where is the damn subnautica below zero series

  10. You're Just an amizing YouTuber. You deserve more subs

  11. ryan scot retired there's no security breach

  12. Nightmares Are Just Visions of Death says:

    I can't get over the fact that CoryxKenshin got a strike

  13. Idk why im tellling this to ryan but cory got strike IK IT DOESNT FITS THE VIDEO BUT i just wanted to say it and im not happy about it…

  14. Please next video undertale genocide

  15. fun tip: if you move around the red animatronics and not stand there like a sitting duck, you won't get infected!

  16. Ryan: if we wait too long….
    Hears sound outside door

  17. The visuals on this game are so surreal like, it's making me feel like I'm having some weird out of body fever dream

  18. I'm watching this at 20:57 At night don't you fucking scare me Ryan!

  19. I think Willows design is my favorite so far, very unique—and falls between pretty and scary at the same time :3

  20. WE NEED THE FULL GAMEPLAY,…..Ryan (scary music)

  21. Anyone else realise the re7 safe room music

  22. Ryan should play an open world game like red dead redemption 2 or assassins creed

  23. i watch these vids when I'm bored, they are great!

  24. youtube gave coryxkenshine a strike there plannining on deleing his youtube channel:{

  25. Hint*just look back and forth while going down the ladder untill you see tearler you can see him in the dark

  26. Ýůya Fūñgami(Stand:Highway Star) says:

    Very uncringe. Great game. The developers put their hearts into this.

  27. That rat lookin dood fell down more flights of stairs than old Ronald McDonald

  28. 8 Bit-Ryan you got to play Andy's Apple Farm its a exe game and its horrifying as heck dude!

  29. Hi Ryan, some animatronics can and can't be looked at. If an animatronic is laughing look at someone at the end of the hall, if you see the warning thingy, look through the key hole if it isn't Tealer, if there is no one there, go outside. It's as simple as that. If you learn their faces it makes it way easier to decipher.

  30. Another great scary gameplay Ryan, another great horror game I hope you go back to is Visage. Keep up the amazing work!

  31. Hey did anyone else think Ryan complety forgot about Miitopia but I'm ok about it.

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