This Old FNAF Fan Game Just got a HORRIFYING REMAKE…. -

This Old FNAF Fan Game Just got a HORRIFYING REMAKE….

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The Tubbyland Archive – Act 1 is a remake of an old iconic FNAF Fan game. But is it any good?


Night 6 Footage:

Music Used:
Leon Riskin – Where Dreams Die
Leon Riskin – Sonata
Leon Riskin – Last Breath
Leon Riskin – Thank You For Your Patience

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  2. Best tip to beat night 6: Don't die

  3. this man was ignored by tinky winky on night 2

  4. Oh my god this is so nice I got a question can you make a video about the five nights at puppy land?

  5. Sorry, I meant to say, can you make a video at five nights at tubby

  6. 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐲𝐭𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐭 says:

    to be fair this game remind me a lot of slendertubby the game inspired by slenderman 8 pages

  7. What if I don’t want dead by daylight mobile?

  8. Tubbyland is a virus (im not even joking like seriously)

  9. I beat tealerland 60 hp no healing 7/20 mode on hard difficulty, so I could prolly beat it…

  10. Oh this is soooooo Nostalgic, I remember the old original five nights at Tubbyland, now they gave it a big update~

  11. i beat oth night 5 and 6 on my first try due to a little strategy i learned. frogger25 uses this strat so id suggest looking at that vid

  12. Mf completed post shift but can't do this?

  13. Im suprised that theres no in the night garden fnaf fan game yet its been 8 yrs

  14. If you click on the green tubby he will talk about paper clips this only works on night one though

  15. I used to love Teletubbies when I was young and I never noticed how I'm settling the Teletubbies looked

  16. is this the vrchat world Blackout music???

  17. bro you should play slendytubbies 1 2 and 3 because yes

  18. I played the game a week ago and somehow managed to not only beat night 6, but also beat 4/20 mode as well as night X, the game heavily relies on RNG but after beating the game i did realise that a lot of it did depend on your ability to multitask.

    Even though there are only 4 animatronics, i would find myself falling victim to losing track of one of them and dying because i was focused on another, this happened for both night 6 and 4/20 mode.

    What i can say is that 4/20 is a huge step up from night 6, it making night 6 look like a walk in the park. As for night X it's just a game of using audio lures for a set amount of time.

    I really enjoyed this game and challenge those who are interested in this game to try and beat 4/20 mode as it does feel rewarding, at least to me.

  19. A Fnaf fan game on Teletubbies? Freaking Teletubbies?! They are my childhood! T_T
    This is so fucked up, man.

  20. It’s so good seeing my old childhood series come back me personally I loved the old one cuz well it was classic

  21. Dead by daylight being my favourite game when you said you were sponsored by the mobile game made my eyes pop out like a cartoon character

  22. I watched alot of thegamesalmon vids with fnatl and the oldest jumpscares

  23. i have been binge watching your fnaf fangame videos for the last three days straight and your commentary is just so funny to me. something about how you talk about everything in a mostly monotone voice while also being entertaining and totally great at going through each game you play so thoroughly just aaa its awesome please never stop making content <3

  24. After 2 days and getting somewhat good at the game, i got this for Night 6.

    -For the first moments of the night, keep switching between Cam 3 and 5. Flash Tinky Winky as soon as you can.

    -When Po appears in Cam 5, lure her to CAM 4. It will guarantee that she'll go the the left. And now that she's on the left, keep spamming Audio lure to CAM 3. Always use the audio on Cam 3 ASAP. And keep doing it for the rest of the night.

    -When Tinky Winky starts moving, try to always keep her away as far as possible. Or atleast send Him (Or her? Idk the genders) a few cameras back before dealing with someone else. (Side note, HE or SHE can ONLY ENTER ON THE FRONT DOOR.)

    -Dipsy (Or as i call him, Gypsie Dipsy) is very easy. Keep switching the cameras off every once in a while to see where he is. Or listen to sound cues if you have to jse the camera.

    -Now for Laa Laa… By FAR the biggest issue here. She's super fast, super aggressive. Only thing i can really recommend is to just keep checking Cam 1a, 1b, and 2 constantly, and just pray to luck that She doesn't attack at a bad time. I tried to make some kind of strategy for her, but i couldn't. She's too Fast and unpredictable.

    Most of your runs will end because of Laa Laa. So keep pushing, eventually, the strategy will get the Rythm, and you'll fly through like you're a professional.

  25. Night 6 is for people who thought night 5 was to easy

  26. You could probably sue the company for more than what you earn in the game.

  27. Idek what's going on but im glad they didn't make the night 4 call the one that the phone guy dies in like countless others do, Like make the guy die on a different night or not die at all, jeeze.

  28. I remember Caddicarus describing the show as like a drug trip for those who weren't enough to take it themselves. And honestly… Yeah, I can definitely see where he's coming from.

  29. I checked since i seen that ??? In extras they a another night or some what that you did not clover it has a different robot for it

  30. am i the only one who watched the sponsor ad?

  31. Fun fact: When you click on Dipsy on the poster. He either sayd “I Like Paper Clips” or defines the meaning of the word “Paperclip”

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