This NEW FNAF Prequel Game is TERRIFYING… (FNAF Fan Game) -

This NEW FNAF Prequel Game is TERRIFYING… (FNAF Fan Game)

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This NEW FNAF Prequel Game is TERRIFYING… (FNAF Fan Game)

The Return to Bloody Nights is a brand new FNAF fan game that takes place in Fredbear’s Family Diner. Is the game any good? That’s what I’m here to find out today.


Music Used:
Music Used:
Leon Riskin – Where Dreams Die
Leon Riskin – Sonata
Leon Riskin – Last Breath
Leon Riskin – Thank You For Your Patience

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  1. Honestly, the final ending there gives me the same vibes as the "Hotline Miami 3" ending in HLM2. In that case, it was more of an inside joke than actual confirmation of a sequel and, considering how similar it is here, a part of me wonders if it's the same case.

  2. I loved playing left 4 dead 2 with my brother when I was little, I mean, we still can, but it takes awhile to load on the ps3 now. We used to play games on his computer when he came to pick me up from school since he didn’t live far at the time, but since he lives with me, mom, and dad now, we have to drive to grampa’s house to play. Which reminds me, I haven’t played Dark Messiah Might and Magic in awhile. I think I’m on chapter nine? Maybe 10, idk, I just remember me getting devil powers. Also, does anyone know what to do after you get batteries for the flash light in One Late Night? I remember a key or something. Anyway, sry I talk a lot, er, type a lot. I just like telling stories, which is weird, because I’m not very talkative.

  3. ngl, Cave Johnson definitely would fit as the CEO

  4. I hate how the jumpscares dont really scare me but them just appearing while in the hall with that fkin animation always gets me

  5. there is a sonic plushie on the left side when you look behind you.

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  7. I'm pretty sure the sounds golden freddy makes are the sounds of the HECU mercs from the original half life, which is really funny

  8. As a huge Half Life nerd, the HECU soldier voice lines fit perfectly in this game. absolute stellar fan game ❤️

  9. The best thing happened to me this year is finding your channel I literally finished every single video and want to see more video like this❤❤

  10. Genuinely thought Phone Guy was voiced by Mark

  11. i run it at intel celeron xD and 32 bit even that game is low end game

  12. Reading The Silver Eyes book helps with the lore here

  13. i actually really enjoyed this one.

  14. in the 4th night, the phone guy had a vision in his dreams about becoming one of the graphic novel characters! The animatronics name is stitchwraith, i wont tell much as you should read the books but much more info can be found in the wiki

  15. Why does the phone guy sound like markaplier

  16. Dog why some fan games better than the fnaf games

  17. I know a bunch of people have said this already, but the phone guy definitely sounds like Cave Johnson. "Tragic but informative" was definitely taken straight from Portal.

  18. I know I'm late, but pro-tip as someone currently finishing night five in this game: when golden freddy (the one from the left door who talks) is in front of your door in his final stage where you need to close the door, wait about 3-4 seconds before closing the door as to not get more generator heat. Also, to check if he's still at your door just listen in to him talking. If he's still loud and clear, he's in front of the door. If his voice is distant or not present at all, you can open your door!

  19. does anyone else think william seems way older than henry in this fan game

  20. MARKIPLIER IS A VA FOR THIS?? you cant tell me hes not the ceo

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