This is the Hardest FNAF Game I've Ever Played! (The Return to Bloody Nights) -

This is the Hardest FNAF Game I’ve Ever Played! (The Return to Bloody Nights)

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The Return to Bloody Nights is really hard but one of the best FNAF games of 2023.


(I’ve just discovered the guy on the phone’s name is Wathel not Waffle..
If I offended anybody then my apologies.)

00:00 (Intro)
01:07 (Night 1)
10:48 (Night 2)
20:19 (Night 3)
29:46 (Night 4)
40:20 (Night 5 + Ending)
55:13 (Night 6 + Ending)
01:07:23 (Extras)


  1. The ambience in this game is so creepy.

  2. This game seems really cool, I’m pretty scared to play it cuz how hard it looks.

  3. Out of all the fnaf games that came out this is the best one so far cuz of the details and the difficulty.

  4. Why skip the phone scene with Henry and William conversation? It's pretty interesting tbh.

  5. I haven’t played a fnaf fan game that is so frustrating yet better looking game in a long time. The soundtracks n all that are very cool and old school-ish, puts very decent vibes into Fredbear's family diner.

  6. The nights in this game are so long, and the fact there's RNG for them, makes it 10x more scary😨

  7. Huh? You actually played it. And the gameplays are somewhat impressive like I didn't think you would actually complete the entire game since it's really hard and scary.

  8. You're so underrated and make the best gaming videos with so much effort, you deserve support man!👍

  9. How did you beat night 4?? I’m stuck on it.

  10. Owen on night 2: why am I talking to a pre recorded tape?
    Owen on night 3: continues to talk with pre recorded tape.

  11. Wathel's name is pretty easy to misunderstand.

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