THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE!!! | Five Nights At Freddy's 4 [FNAF 4 Part 1] -

THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE!!! | Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 [FNAF 4 Part 1]

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FNAF 4 is here and we’re not in the pizzeria for once. We’re home, so it’s safe.. right?! WRONGGGGGGGG!!!
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  1. Noddeles every time the jumpstart happen I fly out of my bed

  2. think:am i meant to get in him

    me:you make purple guys job a lot easier

  3. IV bag be like:how could you not notice me as a rare item?

  4. I think they dont like it when you close the door becuz evey time ya do it they get u

  5. If you click on Fredbears nose it does squeak noise

  6. The Thing That Appears In front Of The Freddy Doll Is Called A Freddle They Make Strange Sounds So Sometimes You Know If They Are There

  7. Maybe this kid has sleep paraliysis because this is not normal otherwise.

  8. If you leave the nightmare freddys alone all three of them they will turn into nightmare freddy very scary.

  9. Ay thinknoodles don't keep looking behind you cus freddy will jumpscare you

  10. The little nightmare Freddys are called “ Freddles “ ( Did I spell it right ? )


  12. The things on the bed we're freedles And Cc(crying child) died from freadbear the animranic and the foxy doy was Michael Afton CC brother and likes to scare CC with the mask bc he's scared of he Animranics . And the Animations was the nightmare's Nm.bonnie Nm .Foxy. Nm Freddy Nm freadbear Nm chica and night mare.

  13. Just watch skinny get scarier five nights at Freddy's number 4 scary I've played it I have it on my Xbox

  14. Look at you it's not scary at all but what just happened karma

  15. Bro look at you dude you're saying that's the scariest five nights at Freddy's 4

  16. 12:33 “it was this moment he knew”
    “OH COME ON IT’S ONLY 12 AM BONNIE!!!!!!!!”

  17. Wow I’m gonna tell you all the time plus trap balloon BB nightmare Bebe I don’t know but my Bonnie nightmare Freddy Fred almost to Freddo so he’s sitting on the bed let me Chica nightmare nightmare and I said I don’t know a lot

  18. If you hear breathing don't use the flash light or else you die

  19. I always win on the first round and it never scary but when you you get to the second round it gets harder and gets mooooooore scarier

  20. Foxy is in the closet but he very rarely shows up I almost never see him on any of them

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