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yo.. it’s time for the craziest FNAF game yet..


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  1. Dan I Need Foxy Hes The Only Way To Get Rid Of Him Instructions: Put The Heater On To Malfunction Him

  2. That pink animatronic is called Dee Dee and when she sings that song a new animatronic is added that can include ones not accesable from the menu. In your case, that was withered chica that you got jumpscared by. Just saying.

  3. When Dan thought he got a nightmare Fred bear jump scare it was actually nightmare chica 😮

  4. Dan Nightmare Freddy mean your William Afton

  5. Through the static on the TV you watched in horror as we were moving and we want to thank you for playing our game we enjoyed your screams thank you for playing our game the nightmares have been real though you seem quite terrified we hope you enjoyed the ride thank you for playing our game and all of the tear filled nights. Its been so long since we had fun and shared the secrets of what we,ve become and we want to thank you for playing our game and answering the phone thank you for playing our game you were not alone wish we could apologize but we liked breaking your mind. thank you for playing our game and all the tear filled nights there is terror in the mask getting closer to your desk we,re behind you on the bed we,ll see you soon…

  6. Flash backs (At least Mr. Hippo doesn’t kill us)

  7. You need the coins for Rockstar Freddy and Circus baby. When circus baby appears, buy her plush from the counter.

  8. dan when he he see's black bunny thing: ok im ready to put on my freddy mask!

    dan when he see's golden freddy WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO I KNOW THE FREDDY MASK WONT WORK?!?!?!?!?

  9. Uh oh how unfortunate
    Uh oh how unfortunate
    I remember dan has a broken bone and still play minecraft

  10. Did anyone else see Cassidy when he got killed by rockstar freddy

  11. There are secret jumpscares: fredbear – nightmare chica – shadow bonnie – bonnet – plushtrap

  12. Dan you know that baby balloon boy is called Dee Dee

  13. 50 bucks your watching this again just to see Dan's reaction to Fred bear's death line.

  14. the level 20 on with every one
    tht dan was talking i have completed it it took 93 tries to complete the level 20

  15. I adore this game my friend mentioned it yesterday because we were looking for fnaf mods in Minecraft, so then she mentioned this game call ultimate custom night and.. so I have steam right, well I looked to see if they have that game on steam and they did 😍 so I decided to play it yesterday and my best friend and I literally had a heck of fun with that game. Can’t wait to play it today! 😝

  16. You know the teeth that came around you and jumpscared you? Well that wasn’t nightmare fredbear it was nightmare chica and she’s a secret character

  17. Also the how unfortunate guy um he’s the one that added him

  18. me when afton kilsl me:OOOO WILLIAM IM TELLING CLARAAAA

  19. Playing this would be terrible but watching it just isnt scery

  20. He doesn't even know he got a rare contender

  21. It was a secret character not nightmare ones

  22. Dan u got 2 unique animatronics nightamre chica and shadow bonnie

  23. how to get coins are in the cameras there will be coins around the map and click it from the camera to get them

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