This FNAF Remake Is Creepier Than The Original -

This FNAF Remake Is Creepier Than The Original

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This FNAF Remake Is Scarier Than The Original..
Fnaf Abandoned gameplay
Fnaf plus gameplay



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  1. Can’t you close both doors and then put more power In at the same time?

  2. I thought the laggy jumpscare was from my internet lol

  3. When he said I deserve a subscribe for that one I was gonna subscribe (I unsubscribed and subscribed ) and then the jump scare went and I left the button red 🗿😂

  4. bro who is this kindly keyin x mizkif youtuber looking guy?

  5. “I wonder if the jumpscares are good” pizza hut commercial plays

  6. when bonnie jumpscared i got an ad RIGHT before the jumpscare like i saw the bonnies face for like 0.01 miliseconds

  7. Thanks for saving us? Nope, i wanted to see you get jumpscared… ruined

  8. Aimin i love ur videos i watch u since u had 34k subs

  9. You look liek electroboom but 20 years younger

  10. The game looks pretty good. The only thing I wish that was different was that if the animatronics would have different. Sounds like glitched out music box or static like voices

  11. Nah the intro got me deceased 😭💀⚰️

  12. Lol the intro, also am i the only that don't find this Scary?

  13. My respect for this man when i saw he plays Red Dead Redemption 2: 📈📈📈📈

  14. That's the stupidest question I have ever heard

  15. Bro wenn You got jumpskere denn i got an add😂

  16. if i had a dollar for everytime aimin got jumpscared…. I'd have over 20$

  17. @TheGrammarGuy123

    1 month ago

    If I had a dollar for every time someone said "This FNAF remaster is scarier than the original", I'd have…About 5 dollars.

  18. man i love your vids there really weird they make me laugh and scared at the same time you keep doings these

  19. The thing that I did with the like button where it glowed really cool

  20. bro why did the subscribe button turn rainbow when you said subscribe?? 0:08

  21. Yo that is a sick hollow ichigo shirt

  22. 2:35 I think its really cool that they kept the original noise for when they're at the doors. in fnaf 1 it was later pitched down (you can hear the original in the ad) but I think this sounds a lot cooler and scarier.

  23. Aimin: "you ladies alright?"
    Me, a girl who gets no compliments: "Wow that's the first time I've ever been addressed that way thx :)"

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