This FNAF GAME SCARED the CRAP out of me… -

This FNAF GAME SCARED the CRAP out of me…

Mister Mustard
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This may be one of the scariest fnaf games i’ve ever played… this thing got me bad…. like and subscribe for full game….
this was edited fully on an ipad lmao.


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  1. I've seen this game before and the story for it is awsome

  2. I haven't even started the video and im questioning the thumbnail, is that a fucking teletubby?

  3. hopefully this holds y’all over until poppy playtime chapter 3

  4. I think the .ore concerning thing is that it scared you

  5. Omg I've always wanted to play this game, and I'm glad to see it still be played. P.S. awesome video

  6. Get this guy more subs🙏🗣️ 🔥

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