THIS FNAF GAME IS HIDING A DARK SECRET.. | FNAF Chomping With Chomper (chompers) -

THIS FNAF GAME IS HIDING A DARK SECRET.. | FNAF Chomping With Chomper (chompers)

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THIS FNAF GAME IS HIDING A DARK SECRET.. | FNAF Chomping With Chomper (chompers)



  1. Instead of hungry hungry hippos you have cheeseburger crazed chompor

  2. 16:47 that reminds me of the play structure in Security breach

  3. 🐊🐰🐝🍔🥪
    I wish I was chomper, just get served sandwiches.
    Really pretty game, I love the art.

  4. I saw the trailer it’s so good watch if you didn’t or did.

  5. I did 5×3 and to get rid of a streak you have to eat 15 burgers 🍔

  6. 〜♡alive_mushroom♡〜 *also known as mali* says:

    TV head UwU lol my cosplay is actually like dark creepy vibes but I don’t put it on camera-videos

  7. Is it me or does the music remind me of something you would hear from the Sega Genesis (Might just be me).

  8. The main menu screen’s song is a banger

  9. I want to see the last ending 😀 this game is very interesting

  10. Me looking at the title: don't they all have that

  11. Is it me or is the starting music sounds like it belongs to deltarune

  12. When this game comes out pls play more

  13. Who you talked fast in the begginjng

  14. FusionZGamer I will show you your Like to dislike raishio: it is

    9.4k likes and 100 dislikes.

  15. U even wanna make my dog sub to you??.


  16. I never knew jollybee had a girlfriend.

  17. Yo you can turn this game into a sega genesis rom

  18. Wow almost to 3M!
    can you do dares do age, or face reavel, or sex reavel

  19. When is the next episode of killer in purple 2?

  20. I loved the trailer for this game the game looks really good.

  21. Tell the dev to make a you idiot ending where you have to fail 49 levels you have to wait for the clock or bite your tongue

  22. And u don't leave the restaurant when u do that ending

  23. FusionZGamer:Is that mangle?
    Wolf In Vr:What’s a mangle?

  24. This game has awesome graphics good to see this game is now playabe

  25. I don't really like how he titles the video with all caps. Its not clickbait but i bet you it looks like it to some people. Still tho. Great content! I remember the time when he would talk slowly and sound much more calm. Those were great days!

  26. It's about drive it's about power we stay hungry then devour put in the work put in the hours and take what's ours Should be on all the fnaf when it's coming out

  27. Please play more of the game pls I subscribed and like

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