THIS FNAF GAME IS HIDING A DARK SECRET.. | FNAF Chomping With Chomper (chompers) -

THIS FNAF GAME IS HIDING A DARK SECRET.. | FNAF Chomping With Chomper (chompers)

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THIS FNAF GAME IS HIDING A DARK SECRET.. | FNAF Chomping With Chomper (chompers)



  1. Why isn’t he getting fat is he eats so much?

  2. He got possessed by one of the their dead children from spring-trap AKA purple guy

  3. I think it's at the night shift now that sucks:(

  4. When it goes to the glitchtrap part the burgers get rotten in so he doesn't want to eat them

  5. Ididnt fnaf6 have a fisherman teaser or something?

  6. I dont know why but the music is giving me Sonic vibes

  7. Excuse but the music is a banger, like damn they were in studio making these bops 🥵

  8. Game: record: 2 new high score!! Fusion: no way anyone can beat this! His mind: NO ONE CAN BEAT MEH MHAHAHA me: SiS I KnOw wHaT YOu ThInKInG✨.

  9. บัววัน วรรณพฤกษ์ says:

    It need 150 to unlock ending 3

  10. Wow jthis was released on the day of face off

  11. This theme song sound like never be alone FNAF song


    4:43 what Agatha??? ☺️😅😂🤣🤭🤔

  13. I was here since 50k subs keep up the good work

  14. Mm some drowned glitchtrap or was it ben drowned?

  15. When he said get your mom or anyone to sub I said to my self my mom doesn’t like horror games lol 😂

  16. Chomper is the Crocodile fishing in a lake in fnaf world, ingenious.

  17. I thought it was evan, son of william, apparently not from the looks of the video

  18. Osom video relly coll and the game is also cool

  19. love the video tho i dislike the name what type name is CHOMPING WITH CHOMBERS come on you can do better like chompers with sandwiches

  20. fusion: imagine getting like chased through the play place that’d be like hard
    security breach: am I a joke to you?

  21. I love fnaf but I dont no how to change T

  22. ✰༄𝘽𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙠 𝘽𝙤𝙮༄✰ says:

    Le copio el título y la miniatura a bers

  23. Bruh this reminds me of five nights of freddy ultimate custom night ngl
    This reminds me of the old fusionzgamer vibe


  25. This is very good when it comes to the teaser but afton being forced in the stories and not just being a haunting is getting dried out

  26. Chompers is controlled by Gabriel/Freddy's spirt

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